Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Entering through the missionary door

Getting his name tag pinned on

January 21st we went to the MTC to drop off Dan's little brother Jim. This was the second time I have been to the MTC. It's a little different entering in through the family door, taking pictures of the missionary as they check in, and being handed the address to the MTC. As we waited in the lounge we took pictures along with all the other families dropping off their little boys and girls.

Jim and Drake

We finally headed toward the orientation meeting and as we were walking by the cafeteria I was peeking in the windows to see if Wednesdays were still ice cream sundae day. It was one of the few times in the cafeteria that I got to chose what I wanted to eat. It was wonderful. Well, I couldn't tell if it was set up, and Dan wouldn't let me stare in the window very long he said it looked kind of creepy.


We made it to the orientation and watched the 'Called to Serve' movie (this really needs to be updated). Then it was time to say goodbye and exit through your separate doors. Jim gave everyone a hug and made his sisters cry, his mom, and Jason(6yr old nephew who worships Jim). We waved and walked through our door.

Jim fighting off kisses from his parents

On our way to the parking lot I noticed the mood of the crowd had changed dramatically. When the crowds were arriving they were loud, laughing and generally happy. At least on the outside. Afterward it was quiet, somber, and there were tears.

He's a missionary. No touchy!

Well, Jim is now in the MTC and from his first letter he is enjoying it. We will miss Jim but, we know that he is going to the people of Meridian, Mexico to love them and teach them about the restored gospel. He will do great! Also, he will be coming home just at the right time when Drake is starting to be more fun to play with.
We love you Elder Neville!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


This year was the first time in a long time that I could not sleep because of excitement. I knew what I was getting for the most part. Dan knew most of his gifts, but Drake had no idea. I knew he wasn't really going to remember or really care that much but it was still exciting for Dan and I. We kept telling ourselves that we weren't going to get him much because he would probably only want the boxes or the paper, yet somehow Drake ended up with a lot. It was so much fun watching him play with the toys he got and watch him figure out how things work.

Late Christmas Day we had a huge snow storm so Friday morning we took Drake out with all of his new snow clothes on to see how he liked the snow. He really just sat there in the snow with a big smile on his face, so he didn't not like it.

Here are some pictures of the Neville Family Christmas party. This year instead of drawing names we each bought gifts and put them in the middle of the gift exchange. Honestly, I wasn't very excited about buying a gift that had to range in age from 8 1/2 months to 65 yrs. Well it ended up being pretty fun although Drake did end up with an electric razor that he can use when he's like...20. Thanks Dad! Dan got the Dark Knight and I got some yoga items.