Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the Little Things in Life

You know your a parent when you get so excited to hear your baby cry for the first time.  And for your child's first poopy and/or wet diaper.  That first smile they make when they are sleeping and then awake.  It's amazing to see it in their eyes when they recognize you for the first time.  When they are sick and all you want to do is make it better so they don't have to suffer, but it's so wonderful to hold them and snuggle them.  Oh how wonderful and heavenly the sound of their first laugh.  The first real nights sleep.  The first time they roll over and you call everyone you know to tell them the good news.  When they start to scoot around and then you discover just how dirty your floors really are.  The mess they make with their first attempt at rice cereal.  The first steps, and their new discovery of two hands that can reach everything.  The first hair cut and how it is so much harder for you to say goodbye to those baby locks then it is for them.  That first slobbery kiss and accompanying hug where their arms can't quite reach around your neck.  Their first, second, third words and then discovering that they pay much better attention to you than you thought.  The first time they say 'I luvs you Mommy'. The first time you realize that they are actually singing the words to a song in the back seat of the car.  When they can tell you the story of their favorite book just by looking at the pictures.  And consequently noticing when you skip pages because you are tired and want to finish faster.  The times they have to remind you to fold your arms and close your eyes for the prayer.  When they walk around the house repeating lines to a movie.  When after so long of you encouraging them to do it by themselves you get frustrated because they want to do everything by themselves.  The tantrums that you just want to laugh at but you have to keep a straight face or turn around and hope they don't notice your shoulders shaking from the silent laughter.  When after months of potty training they poop in the potty and you again feel the need to shout it to the world.  After you dance around like a lunatic, give them hugs and kisses, and tell them they can have the car you promised when they turn 16, and the pet they were offered will be a fish.  

We are just reaching this point with Drake.  My little man turns 3 in two weeks and sometimes I can't believe how much of my fondest memories have happened in just 3 short years.  Drake is so much fun to watch and listen too.  Logan is his little shadow whether he likes it or not.  I can't believe that I still have a years to watch him grow and hear 'I luvs you Mommy'.  

Happy almost 3rd birthday Draker!!

 Riding his bike to the park
 Not so impressed with being dressed in drag
Posing with his picture he made for Daddy while Dan was away for Drill