Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Not only did we get to go to Disneyland but we got to see good friends and make an attempt of trick or treating in the rain and hail.
The Friday before Halloween we had our annual Pumpkin carving with friends Ben and Vanessa over with their adorable little girl Kinzley. We had some broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls(yummy) and a pumpkin roll for dessert. Next we carved our pumpkins. It is always so much fun to get together with Ben and Vanessa. At least we get to see them once a year.
For our trick or treating fun we headed to Springville to hang with the DeLlamas's again. We always have so much fun with them. This year was a little different though, because of the weather. It rained a lot and hailed a little. Luckily, Drake had had a good time trick or treating in Disneyland and I didn't need anymore candy to snack on continually everyday, so he didn't seem to mind hanging out at Sarah's playing with airplanes and cars.
All in all it was a very memorable Halloween!

Ben loves cleaning out the pumpkin

Drake got to help Daddy carve his pumpkin

The final product. Howling wolf(Ben and Vanessa), the Troll(Dan and I) and Happy the jack o lantern(Drake). The one on the end is a fake one.

Tigger and Eeyore

I love this picture of Logan!

Tigger smiling, poor Eeyore had a nose in the way a lot