Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Parties

Drake liked seeing himself on Good Things Utah

Thanks for DVRing it mom
Mickey Mouse cake
Everyone singing Happy Birthday
Can you tell I'm trying to blow and Drake is trying to touch the candle
His very own piece of cake
The first bite
Stuffing his face
Wanting more
Shooting on his new basketball hoop
Drake and Dan climbing the tree in my parents back yard
Dan and Drake blowing out their candles. (Dan has way more than one)
Testing the cake
Opening presents

Ok, so it has been almost a MONTH since Drake turned ONE and I am just now posting pictures of his parties. Drake got TWO parties because we were in SG for his birthday so we had a party with all the fam and there, and a week later we had a party with all the fam up here for DRAKE AND DAN'S birthdays. We had a lot of FUN with all the family and Drake is a very LOVED boy cuz he was SPOILED rotten.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drake's One Year Pictures

Drake has turned ONE! Here are a few of his one year pictures. I can't believe it has been one year since he arrived. It has been an AMAZING year! He is such a HAPPY and EASY going baby. It has been a BLESSING to have him in our family. We love to watch him as he figures out how to WALK and SHOOT hoops. We have forgotten what it was like before he was here and we are ok with that. We LOVE you Drake, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Suns Game

So for Drakes first birthday present his thoughtful daddy decided to buy 2 tickets to watch the PHOENIX SUNS vs. Utah Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena. He bought the tickets from a supervisor at work who has season tickets and Drakes first patronage to the Phoenix Suns was well on its way.

The 2 seats to the left of us belong to another one of Dan's supervisors and the trash talk was kept respectful and fun. The Jazz were up 21 early in the second quarter and as a sign of mercy Dan's boss gave a pleasant surprise birthday gift to Drake and he enjoyed it immensely as you can tell by the stains on his shirt. Orange and purple slushees turn brown when mixed for future information.