Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween has come and gone and we had a great
time!! We had originally thought to dress Drake up like a horse,
but as it got closer to the day I started to rethink that choice. Drake
had been running around the house lately in my batting helmet from
College and carrying one of his bats or his glove, so I felt
inspired to make a baseball uniform for him. I found a
baseball shirt for him at walmart, a pair of red socks,
last years sweats and his tennis shoes. Next was a trip to Michaels
to get some iron-on-paper and fabric. I used the cricket
to cut out a D. NEVILLE and 24 and then got it all ironed on.

On Halloween day we got dressed up in our baseball outfits
and headed to a trunk or treat at UPS. I was surprised at how
many people were there. Drake made a killing and because he
was so cute he got double the candy at some trunks. After trunk or
treating we headed to Sarahs house for the real trick or treating.
My parents came to town, my grandparents came over and
Sarah had her in-laws there. Drake and Sami rode in the
wagon pulled by Dan tagging along behind the other kids.

After we finished, or should I say Drake was finished going door
to door we headed back to Sarahs for dinner and a party. My nephew
Kade's birthday was Oct 3rd and his baby sister was born Oct 1st
so he didn't get a party and wanted one. We took all the kids
halloween candy and put it in a pinata. They broke open the pinata
and were so excited for the candy. It was funny.
We had a great time.
My dad's idea of a costume
Mom and Mati
Our soon to expand team
Drake before heading out the door
Drake the baseball player and Sami the pumpkin
The Dellamas's Miah(pedro), Mati (a little ghost), Jake (robot), Sami (pumpkin), Mason (indian), Kade (AK 47), and Sarah

Drake and Sami thought it was pretty fun to drag their pumpkins from the wagon
Drake is giving Sami a hug but it looks a lot like cousin lovin
Beating the pinata