Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Well the weekend before Thanksgiving Dan had a job interview in Las Vegas. That Wed he signed a contract to be the Head Chaplain/Bereavement Specialist/Volunteer Coordinator for the hospice company. He is so excited and is really looking forward to this.  He started work Dec 12th and is rotating staying with my cousins. The boys and I stayed in SLC to pack up for the move.  On Dec 15th we loaded up in the van and headed for Santa Clara, where we'll be staying until we find a place to live in Vegas.

My Dad was kind enough to drive up with a trailer Wed Nov 30th and Wed Dec 7th and took loads of furniture and boxes to store in my parents garage.  On my dads second trip we loaded up the rest of the furniture minus the crib, toddler bed, and box springs.  So for a week I slept on an air mattress that some how developed a hole and we sat on camping chairs.  it was an interesting experience that I don't wish to repeat.  I also learned something about myself, I HATE packing!! For three weeks I ate, drank and dreamed(if I slept) about packing. Dan was around for the first week of packing but Dec 4-9 he was at a suicide prevention training in Phoenix.  He flew in late on the 9th and left again on the 11th to start work on the 12th.  So it was Drake, Logan, Me and did I mention I am 18 weeks prego at this point and packing a house.  I had several meltdowns but I survived, well mostly.  I also learned that we have a lot of misc crap.  I thought for sure after my dad left that we would be able to pretty much fit was was left in Dan's car and the mini van, boy was I wrong!!  I had to leave enough stuff that we are going to need another trailer to go get it. Those little odds and ends really add up.

The happy note is I had my ultrasound on Wed Dec 14th and the baby looks great! Unfortunately, because Dan obviously couldn't be there I didn't find out the sex of the baby.  When the tech came to that part I closed my eyes and she printed the picture with the sex written on it and placed it in an envelope so we could open it on Christmas morning!  I know it sounds a little crazy but I decided it was only a 10 day wait not a 9 month wait so I could handle it. 

Well so here we are in Santa Clara relaxing, not thinking about the piles of boxes in the garage that I will some day have to unpack, enjoying the Christmas season being with family.  Dan is really enjoying the job so far and can't wait to stop reading paper work and really get to jump into the work.

I hope everyones Christmas Season is wonderful and full of family, food, and fun!!!