Monday, May 25, 2009


The first week of May my whole family made a trip to Disneyland. It was a lot of fun. Drake and the best time with all of his cousins and Dan and I had a good time too. Well Dan maybe not as much as the rest of us.

Dan, Drake, my brother Eric, his wife Heidi and I headed to Cali the morning of Monday the 4th. We met up with my sister Sarah and her family in Oceanside. We got there early in the afternoon and headed for the beach. While the rest of us put on sunscreen Dan decided that it was not hot enough to need any. It was a wonderful day and we all enjoyed the beach. Tuesday we headed to the beach again. This time Dan wore.....a button up shirt. 2nd degree sunburn complete with blisters, puss, and PAIN! He learned his lesson the hard way. The rest of us enjoyed the beach again on day #2 while Dan sat in a chair under an umbrella trying to fake a smile while in immense pain. Drake loved the sand. whether eating it, burying mommy's legs, or throwing it at his cousins he loved the sand. Cold ocean water in May, not so much fun.

Wednesday began with the rest of the Drake family arriving bringing the total number of Drakes to 19. We announced that Darci was pregnant and the fun never stopped from then on. We spent all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at Disneyland and California Adventure.

And of course what Drake family vacation would be complete with out a MLB baseball game. Saturday afternoon before the long ride home we visited Chavez Ravine and watched the Dodgers vs Giants complete with foot long Farmer John Dodger dogs and popcorn in a helmet. We had a great time and can't wait for our next Disney vacation. Why don't we do this more often?

Drake and Dan on the beach
Drake running away from the cold ocean
Sami, Mason, and Drake enjoying the sun
Dan, Eric, and Heidi burying Austin
Drake eating the dirt his dad piled on his lap
Drake and Sami doing a little sand surfing
Dan after the sun burn
Our friends Ben and Vanessa that were also in Cali on vacation
The whole fam at Disneyland
Some of the crew on Splash Mountain
More of the fam
TIGER! (Dan is wincing from Drake touching him)
Drake is helping me on Buzz to find targets
Drake Grandpa and Nate on Small world
Drake's first day t-shirt that made the big announcment
Small world
The most recent family pic
Again notice Dan wincing
Alyssa, Drake, Eric, Sami, and Austin with Lightening and Mater
Dan and Drake on Dumbo
Drake and Alyssa were dancing to the music from the parade
Heidi, Drake and I on the new Toy Story ride in Cali Adven
Our row at the Dodger game
Drake and Grandma
The Fam at Dodger Stadium