Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Every year at Halloween we get together with our friends Ben
and Vanessa, have dinner and carve pumpkins. This
year we had a jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Johns and a yummy
dessert, chocolate chip cookie crust, peanut butter spread, with reeses
pieces and frosting drizzled on top .

Dan had a little... trouble with his pumpkin. Ben and Vanessa
had a really thick pumpkin and cheep little knife wouldn't go all
the way through so they improvised. A little better than Dan might
I add. I picked an easy picture so mine went pretty smooth. Drake
had his own little pumpkin that he decorated with markers.
He ended up coloring more on his high chair, the kitchen chair,
and his face than the pumpkin, but that is why
I made sure he had the washable markers that came right
off with wipes.

We had a great time like always and love to get to hang out
with Ben and Vanessa. Until next year....


Ben and Vanessa getting their picture ready
Drake coloring his pumpkin
Dan trying to get his pumpkin ready
Dan's, Mine, Ben and Vanessas
Aren't they cute
I hate pictures when I'm prego.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I decided to start a new family tradition this year. Something
fun we could do between conference sessions on Sunday.
After a lot of thought I came upon the idea of
Halloween sugar cookies. I got out the cookbook and
found a pretty simple recipe. While the cookies were
baking I got out some white frosting and started
adding food coloring.

Once the cookies were done I got Drake and Dan to come over
and start decorating. Drake did not want Dans help frosting
the cookies or help eating the cookies.
He was really enjoying the cookies and we got some fun
pictures of him.
I can't wait until next year and having two boys to enjoy
the cookies.
Drake unhappy with Dan's help
Drake fingering frosting
Cute boy
Reviewing the damage

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Matilyn Dixie Dellamas

This afternoon we received a new addition to the family. Matilyn Dixie Dellamas was born at 1:52pm 7lbs 14 oz 20 in long, to Sarah and Miah. Her brothers were so excited to see her and Sami was a little unsure. She is a beautiful and we are happy to have her here. We look forward to December when our little boy makes his appearance.

Just minutes old
Mati and Mommy
Grandpa and Drake
Anxious big brothers
An unsure big sister

I, Daniel Aaron Neville....

Well it finally happened on Sept 26 Dan became Lt. Daniel Neville of the Nevada National Guard. He is officially a Chaplin Candidate, which means in three years when he gets his masters degree he will be Chaplin Neville. We are so happy to finally get this part of our lives started.

We flew out Thurs Sept 24 at 6:45am. We landed in Vegas killed an hour and then jumped the next flight to Reno. We got to Reno, pick up our rental (cream cadilac with black leather interior), and drive to Carson City. Once in Carson we head for the armory where we meet up with Lt. Howes, Dan's recruiter, and Chaplin Woomer, head Chaplin for the state of Nevada. He then gets to meet with a board and answer some questions. The ice breaker question was 'Why are man holes round?' For some reason Dan knew the answer and even added some thing the board didn't know. They loved it and were very impressed. Following the board we went out to lunch with Chaplin Woomer and all the other Chaplin Candidates. It was a great visit. Next we headed back to armory so Dan could get some more info and to meet up with my uncle Lt. Co. De La Paz and get directions to his house.

We made it to the house in Genoa and met up with my aunt and cousins. It was a great weekend. We went to Lake Tahoe on Friday, caught cray dads, had a picnic, and feed the squirrels. Saturday morning my uncle Swore Dan in with my aunt, four cousins, three spouses, and a few kids watching. It was a very special moment. After that the boys headed out to the range to do some shooting, and clean out my uncles office; he is headed to Iraq for a year. The girls got ready and headed to the Candy Dance. The Candy Dance is a fun weekend of booths and food. Sunday we packed up and headed out for our trip from Reno to Vegas to SLC.

It was a fun filled weekend and now we get to begin the one weekend a month, two weeks out of the year. Oh and don't forget basic training for 12 weeks leaving your wife, 21 month old, and a two week old. Santa Clara here we come.

Drake and the cray dad
Who needs a swimsuit
Up close and personal
Lake Tahoe
Drake and the squirrel
Drake, Paris(cousins husband) and Sadie(cousins daughter) watching the squirrels
Paris was so proud of himself for feeding the squirrel from his hand
Drake and Dan feeding the squirrel
My cousin Ben, his kids Gus and Bella
My cousin Alex on the stairs (cousins husbands Paris and Kip)
My cousins Lisa and Melanie her daughter Sadie and Aunt Diane
Kike swearing in Dan