Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ready for another bite?
It's so good it's all over my face

We have started Drake on Cereal last Friday. I was so fun to be able to watch him using his tongue to try to figure things out. He is still deciding if he likes it but we try a little everyday. Saturday Dan played in a UPS United Way softball tournament, while watching one of his games I noticed Drake's two bottom teeth were cutting. He hasn't been very fussy so we were very surprised. Another thing when Drake has been left to play on the floor he has been moving quite a bit, but today I had left him across the hall in the office playing on the floor. I was in his room packing up the 0-6 month clothes and getting out the 6-12. I could hear him playing with this rattle and every time I looked up he was closer to the door. As I watched he would almost throw the rattle and then do the one armed scoot to get it. I can't believe that he has already started all of this, he is only 5 1/2 months.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enjoying a Good Laugh

Last year Dan took me to the State fair because I had never been. He won me this huge Scooby Doo stuffed animal. We decided that we would make it a family tradition to go to the fair. We went with our friends the Burnetts and their little boy Jacob wanted to see all the animals. We first went to the Hogs. They were so huge but there was one hog that was the biggest pig I have ever seen in my life(no pun intended). You would never believe the size unless you saw it your self. Unfortunately I didn't get out my camera until later so no picture. We also looked in on the sheep, goats and of course the tigers. Not long after we arrived at the fair Dan saw someone caring around this huge Phoenix Suns ball. He ran the guy down and found got the location of the booth that had the ball. When we located the booth it just so happened that it was the same basketball game that Dan won Scooby on. Last year it cost us about $10 this year it cost us $30, but hey it's Phoenix Suns so it was worth it, right. Drake really wanted to play with the ball even though it was twice his size. He has also discovered his toes and enjoys eating them and anyone elses he can get into his mouth. By the way Drake is really starting to laugh now! It is so much fun to do whatever it takes to hear it. We tried to get him on camera before he realized the camera was there because as soon as he notices the camera he has a hard time focusing on anything else. Check out the video

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fishy Fishy in the Brook

Daddy teaching son the art of Fishing

Getting the Ugly Stick ready

Kiss the lucky fish

The kids and the fish

Chillin on the porch

Drake and Sami Getting tummy time

The Giant Teddy Bear loves me!

Checkin out the grass

Nate touching a snake for the first time. GO NATE!

Drake touching his first snake

Grandpa making Drake Laugh

Some more porch chillin

This weekend my family met in Beaver to enjoy everyone's day off. It was so nice to get to hang out with the whole family. We did miss Eric's wife Heidi, she was still in Kansas selling pesticides, but we'll get to hang out with her soon. We stayed in Buck Hurst's cabin and had a great time. We spent saturday at Lake Lebaron up on beaver mountain fishing. Now if any of you like to fish or are looking to get into fishing I have a suggestion to make. Don't waste your time or money shopping for and buying an expensive fishing pole. For the past three or four years we have gone camping and fishing up to Lake Lebaron and every year there is one fishing pole that out shines the rest. This pole has been well worth the $10 that was spent puchasing it. The first year we thought it was a fluke, a joke. The next year it was a contest to see if a combination of the other fishing poles could catch as many fish as the one amazing pole. This year once again it out fished every pole at the lake and this year it was nine other poles. The secret pole is a Scooby Doo kids pole. The other poles that caught the majority of the fish were Barbie and Princess poles. Scooby realed in 9 fish and lost countless more as the fish were almost to shore. The real highlight came when Dan who got his first fishing pole for fathers day caught his one and only fish. The morning began with Dan about twenty feet from the nearest fisherman. As the day progressed and Scooby and Barbie were realing in so many fish he moved a little closer to the group. Later on he sandwiched himself between Barbie and Scooby. Everyone had caught a fish except for Dan and we could not leave the lake until he caught one. Thankfully he caught his 8 in. fish released it back and we got off the mountain before the storm hit.

While we were enjoying a peaceful day at the lake casting and realing there was another feathery fisherman that had us all mezmorized. This bird was circling above the lake and would start a dive and then stop. As we continued to watch this beautiful bird it dove again and this time did not stop, it grabbed a fish and flew away with the wiggleing fish in it's talons. It was so amazing! The bird came back and flew around several times but did not dive again.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging around the cabin and watching the big Bucks, the Does, and the wild Turkeys come in and eat out of the mangers. It was a nice weekend and it was great to not have to look at a clock. I can't wait for the next vacation.

Thanksgiving Point

daaaada daaaada

The beautiful garden

Kade and Mason enjoying themselves

Every Tuesday in August all the events at Thanksgiving point were only two dollars. Sarah and I met up and headed to the garden first. I have never been to the garden and it was amazing. The water fall was unbelievable. Just looking around I felt like I was in Sweden again walking around the grounds at the castles. My nephew Kade was our tour guide. He took control of the map and led us to all the great sights. After the garden we headed to the Dinosaur Museum. Kade and Mason really enjoyed it. Sami and Drake were good but not terribly impressed.

Run As Fast As You Can

Dan getting water from Jake and Kade

Where's Dan?

It has been established that Dan is Crazy. For those of us that were punished with running when we did not do as directed; we don't find running an enjoyable past time. Dan on the other hand likes to run and not only run but run marathons. He has signed up to run the St George Marathon for a third time. The other day my sister Sarah called and her sister-in-law was signed up to run the Hobble Creek half Marathon in Springville and decided she didn't want to run and offered it up to Dan. So we drove down to Springville and slept over at Sarah's. Here are some pictures of the runner and the cheerleaders.