Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas season

Through out December we have had a great time. We were in
St George the first weekend in December and got to see 'fall day'.
Fall Day is the day that all the leaves just fall of the trees, and you get
to make huge piles of leaves. My dad got the leaves all in a pile
and we sent Drake out to play. He had more fun trying to make
the pile bigger than actually jumping in it.

Jumping in the leaves
Surveying the piles
Enjoying the slide

When we got home Drake helped me decorate the tree.
I think he was more excited about playing with the Scooby
Doo ornament, Rudolf ornament, or the glass bulbs
but we had fun.

Decorating the tree
We also got to go to Dans sisters and have a gingerbread house
building contest. It was so interesting to see how each pair
decorated with their house. It was a good time
and great company.

Deb and Matt
Jon and Somelea
Josh and Alex
Bryan, Jason, Steve, and Nic
Bryan's house and mine

Well Christmas day is over and it was a great one! Drake loved
every present he opened. He loved them so much we really had
to coax him to open the next present. Once we were done
opening presents and we were getting his toys out of the packaging
he was jumping up and down yelling, Yea! Yea! Yea! You know growing
up Christmas was fun but being able to watch Drake enjoy it was
so much more fun. He spent the rest of the day spending
5 min with each toy before moving on to the next and
then back again. We can't wait until next year when
we get to have two boys to enjoy Christmas.

Drakes haul
The tricycle
Dan enjoying a breakfast of cinnamon rolls
Only two more days!!
Our Christmas afternoon nap

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When there are big group gathering I am either really good about having my camera out and snapping pictures or I'm not. This happened to be a not. I did manage to catch a few pictures of the after the dinner and the sampling of the pie. Other then no pictures we had a great Thanksgiving. Dan got his annual football game with my brother Eric and brother-in-law Miah in. Although his shoulder is still a little tender and his wife recommended he not play. If any of you believe that because I recommended he not play was the reason he didn't you are sadly mistaken; he decided the night before while trying to throw that it was probably best he didn't play, but he was there for moral support. Drake and I headed to Grandmas in Woodland Hills early to help get ready.

We spent the weekend at grandmas with my parents and my Uncle Mark and his family. Drake loves having people to play with and follow around. Eric and Heidi stayed at Sarah's and we missed the Staheli family. They were lucky though I mean why go to a movie on Thanksgiving when you can go surfing instead. Friday was shopping day. Sat was also shopping day for the girls while the guys headed to the BYU Utah game. Dan was the only one in red. We got all of our Christmas shopping done except a few odds and ends, so now we can really enjoy the season. And my last few weeks of pregnancy will be calm and relaxing right...


Kade, Miah, and my cousin Matt

Aunt Shannon and cousins
Heidi and Eric with Sami and Mason

Bad Mommy...

I learn a VALUABLE lesson the other day after coming home from
grocery shopping. DON'T let your son play in the BACK of the jeep
while you have your arms are FULL of groceries. He may feel the
need to just STEP right off the bumper of the car and use his FACE as
the landing gear. Then you DROP all the groceries you were holding
BREAKING the eggs to pick up a crying child with bleeding SCRATCHES
down the side of his face and a bloody hand. Luckily he RECOVERED quickly
but his mother is still TRAUMATIZED.

Our first snow

We got our first snow of the year, well at least the first snow that really stuck. I got Drake all dressed up in his snow clothes to go play in the snow. Dan at first refused cuz it was too cold out, but once Drake and I were outside having fun Dan couldn't resist coming to play. Drake kept taking off his gloves so he could really get his hands in the snow and play. They got pretty cold but that didn't stop him. It wasn't great packing snow or we would have tried to make a snowman. Anyways it was great fun!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween has come and gone and we had a great
time!! We had originally thought to dress Drake up like a horse,
but as it got closer to the day I started to rethink that choice. Drake
had been running around the house lately in my batting helmet from
College and carrying one of his bats or his glove, so I felt
inspired to make a baseball uniform for him. I found a
baseball shirt for him at walmart, a pair of red socks,
last years sweats and his tennis shoes. Next was a trip to Michaels
to get some iron-on-paper and fabric. I used the cricket
to cut out a D. NEVILLE and 24 and then got it all ironed on.

On Halloween day we got dressed up in our baseball outfits
and headed to a trunk or treat at UPS. I was surprised at how
many people were there. Drake made a killing and because he
was so cute he got double the candy at some trunks. After trunk or
treating we headed to Sarahs house for the real trick or treating.
My parents came to town, my grandparents came over and
Sarah had her in-laws there. Drake and Sami rode in the
wagon pulled by Dan tagging along behind the other kids.

After we finished, or should I say Drake was finished going door
to door we headed back to Sarahs for dinner and a party. My nephew
Kade's birthday was Oct 3rd and his baby sister was born Oct 1st
so he didn't get a party and wanted one. We took all the kids
halloween candy and put it in a pinata. They broke open the pinata
and were so excited for the candy. It was funny.
We had a great time.
My dad's idea of a costume
Mom and Mati
Our soon to expand team
Drake before heading out the door
Drake the baseball player and Sami the pumpkin
The Dellamas's Miah(pedro), Mati (a little ghost), Jake (robot), Sami (pumpkin), Mason (indian), Kade (AK 47), and Sarah

Drake and Sami thought it was pretty fun to drag their pumpkins from the wagon
Drake is giving Sami a hug but it looks a lot like cousin lovin
Beating the pinata

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Every year at Halloween we get together with our friends Ben
and Vanessa, have dinner and carve pumpkins. This
year we had a jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Johns and a yummy
dessert, chocolate chip cookie crust, peanut butter spread, with reeses
pieces and frosting drizzled on top .

Dan had a little... trouble with his pumpkin. Ben and Vanessa
had a really thick pumpkin and cheep little knife wouldn't go all
the way through so they improvised. A little better than Dan might
I add. I picked an easy picture so mine went pretty smooth. Drake
had his own little pumpkin that he decorated with markers.
He ended up coloring more on his high chair, the kitchen chair,
and his face than the pumpkin, but that is why
I made sure he had the washable markers that came right
off with wipes.

We had a great time like always and love to get to hang out
with Ben and Vanessa. Until next year....


Ben and Vanessa getting their picture ready
Drake coloring his pumpkin
Dan trying to get his pumpkin ready
Dan's, Mine, Ben and Vanessas
Aren't they cute
I hate pictures when I'm prego.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I decided to start a new family tradition this year. Something
fun we could do between conference sessions on Sunday.
After a lot of thought I came upon the idea of
Halloween sugar cookies. I got out the cookbook and
found a pretty simple recipe. While the cookies were
baking I got out some white frosting and started
adding food coloring.

Once the cookies were done I got Drake and Dan to come over
and start decorating. Drake did not want Dans help frosting
the cookies or help eating the cookies.
He was really enjoying the cookies and we got some fun
pictures of him.
I can't wait until next year and having two boys to enjoy
the cookies.
Drake unhappy with Dan's help
Drake fingering frosting
Cute boy
Reviewing the damage

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Matilyn Dixie Dellamas

This afternoon we received a new addition to the family. Matilyn Dixie Dellamas was born at 1:52pm 7lbs 14 oz 20 in long, to Sarah and Miah. Her brothers were so excited to see her and Sami was a little unsure. She is a beautiful and we are happy to have her here. We look forward to December when our little boy makes his appearance.

Just minutes old
Mati and Mommy
Grandpa and Drake
Anxious big brothers
An unsure big sister