Friday, February 15, 2013

Trouble Sleeping?

I noticed several months ago that sometimes at night Logan takes 
really shallow breaths and then has to take one big breath to try and catch
up, and occasionally it's enough to wake him up. I mentioned to his Dr
 that sometimes he doesn't breath well when sleeping so she signed 
us up for a sleep test.  

The hospital recommended we bring a favorite pillow, blanket, or toy that he 
likes to sleep with to help him feel comfortable.  We made sure Logan has one of 
each.  Because Hank still wakes at night we decided it would be best
if Dan took Logan for the overnight excursion and turn it in to a Daddy one on one 
evening.  The appointment wasn't until 8:30pm so Dan and Logan headed out for a
very nutritious dinner at every kids favorite spot McDonald's.  After that they went
to Logan's next favorite fun place the DI(deseret industries) to get a couple 
of new toys.  Following the DI it was time to go to the hospital.

Because they want to get the best results they do not medicate or give any sleep
aides to help fall asleep, they allow the patient to fall asleep on their own and them come 
in and place the required wires to do the testing, and after six hours of sleep you 
are free to go home.  If you have children you know how hard it 
can be to get a child to fall asleep in a new place and especially if said child took
a nap on the way to the hospital.  So about 10:00pm Logan finally crashed and they came
and hooked him up to the machines.  Unfortunately every time Logan woke up he would 
remove at least one of the wires, Dan didn't get much sleeping trying to keep Logan comfortable 
and hold on to him when he did wake up to keep him from pulling everything off. At 6:30am they
were released and free to come home.  Needless to say Dan and Logan took some long naps that

We were told it would take about 3 weeks to get the results back and our Dr would call us 
to set up an appointment to go over the results with us.  So now we are just waiting for that call.

UPDATE: Logan is just fine.  The tests came back that his lungs were functioning normal for his age.