Friday, January 31, 2014

Thanksgiving, Christmas and other fun stuff

This year we were with my family for Thanksgiving.  We were excited to show Annie how a traditional Large American family eats turkey, green bean casserole, ham, stuffing, pumpkin pie and oh so much more.  We had it at my mom's house and were able to have my Grandpa and Grandma Beatty as well as my Grandma Drake there with some cousins thrown in to make things interesting.

Waiting for the "Come and get it"

Annie from Sweden and Helen from Estonia

Feed Me!

We are getting so big our party was moved to the garage.

Well it was on to the next fun thing, decorating for CHRISTMAS!  Dan was in Japan with the National Guard so we did all the decorating so he could enjoy it when he got back.
The boys 

The finished product

Annie putting on the finishing touches
Annie was invited to sing in a School district wide choir.  It was a wonderful choir and they sounded absolutely beautiful!

Logan's soccer team finally had their party with trophies.  He was so excited to get his trophy and medal it was days before he stopped sleeping with and carrying them around the house.

Dec 13th we headed for SLC for the Neville family Christmas party and to get DADDY!  Dan got back from Japan on the 12th and we were so excited to see him.  I thought Hank was going to rip off his seat belt when he saw Dan.  Luckily this year there was snow to play in.  Last year we were disappointed but this time it was awesome.  The boys immediately got their coats, boots, and gloves on and headed outside. Hank loved the snow as long as he had his gloves on.  We had a snowball fight and just plain enjoyed out thankfully short time in the cold.  Since we were in town we had to make a trip to the Temple to see the beautiful lights. The next day on the 14th was the actual party.  It is always fun and exciting to watch everyone open and enjoy their gifts.  I had a special gift for Dan.  While he was in Japan I had my ultra sound and found out the sex of the baby.  I didn't tell a soul and went about getting my balloon and colored confetti ready for the big reveal.  I filled the balloon and because it was filled with confetti we took the party outside and Dan got to pop the balloon to find out we are having a......(scroll down to find out).
Logan in the Snow

Hank is the best Cheeser

Drake and Logan were in heaven


Annie and Hank checking the sights

A forever family

She loves photos by herself can you tell.
Ready, Set....

That makes 4!

Annie loved her US flag

I got a coconut and a gift card.  Anyone know what or how to cook with a coconut?

Uncle Jim and Hank

Dinosaur box from Uncle Jon!

Just what he needs a gun.
GINGER BREAD HOUSES aka graham cracker houses
We had a combined FHE with the Halls to make a Drake family tradition, graham cracker houses.  The kids had a a good time definitely more fun eating the candy than decorating. 

Logan, Drake, Mark, Liza, Max, Renata, Hank

The kids finished products

Ana and I finally got to make ours
This year we opted to stay home for Christmas.  We had originally planned to go to Santa Clara for a couple of days before Christmas since it would be our LAST Christmas all together for probably ever since my Parents got called to be Mission Presidents in Houston Texas East mission and while they are gone Brock would be leaving on his mission and so on and so forth for the next 2 years. But our plans changed when our house came down with the stomach bug.  Oh well.  We were good by Christmas Eve so Christmas day we headed down for the night.

Christmas eve I made a big dinner and then we opened our Christmas jammies.  After jammies we watched a Christmas movie, read some great Christmas stories and then put the kids to bed so Santa could come.  Before Santa could come though Dan's brother Dave was flying in to Vegas.  Dan picked him up from the airport while Annie and I enjoyed another Christmas movie.  Christmas morning we woke up early and opened our gifts and headed to Santa Clara.  The boys made a killing in the present department and they got their big present that we are going to DISNEYLAND! We can't wait!
Christmas eve dinner

Yummy food

How do the piggies eat?!

getting ready to open our jammies

Everyone in their jammies

Dave got footsie jammies

Christmas morning

Super Logan and his stuff

Hank and his goods

Drake and his haul

One big family on the porch Christmas morning.  Just like old times.
Dan and Drakes goal during Christmas break was to have Drake ride his bike all by himself.  Everyday they practiced and he got it.  Now he wants to ride his everywhere.  Dan told him he was a natural and apparently that is the best word ever and now he tells anyone that will listen he is a NATURAL at riding his bike.
Logan gets in on the action too.

He is amazing

My little Logan is growing up so fast.  I can't believe he is four already!  He is so sweet and cuddly.  He is also very stubborn and knows what he wants and when he wants it.  He is all boy; Dirt, water, guns, swords, baseball, basketball, soccer, action figures, cars, trains, etc... He drives me crazy but he also makes me feel better when I'm sad.  I love this little man and can't imagine what life would be like without his sweet face.
His #4 cake with trains

His brothers helping blow out the candles

He is a happy birthday boy
We again had a new years party with the Halls.  They came over for a dinner of finger foods and fun.  Unfortunately they kids were getting tired and ready to crash at 10pm so decorated our party hats and we had our fireworks a little early.  The kids didn't know or care and a good time was had by all! Annie spent New Years on the strip with some friends so the following night we had our Just Dance party.  She killed us but I blame it on the fact I'm prego and Dan struggles with rhythm.
Logan with his party hat


Dan loves fire

Hank thought the sparklers were awesome

Getting us started

Prego and can still move

They did great and had fun.

Yup you just got schooled Dan
The Halls called up and asked if we wanted to spend our Saturday sledding at Mt Charleston, of course we said yes and headed out.  Dan was at Drill so it was sad he didn't get to play but we had fun.  The snow was in that iced over phase so we didn't need sleds we just used our bums.  The boys loved it.  Even Hank couldn't get enough.  Thanks for the invite Hall family!

Here comes Drake

Our one sled

Here they come!

Ana, Max and Renata

Josh was the fastest down the hill and Hank just wanted to go fast
For some reason all the boys picked their Swedish shirts to wear this day so Dan found one of his and we headed to the park for some bike riding and enjoying the warm sun.