Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fathers day to the 4th of July

Fathers Day

A couple of days before Fathers Day a large box arrived for Dan.  Drake was dieing to open it; in fact Drake was located several times hiding near the box with a pair of scissors or a knife.  As soon as we walked in the door after Church Dan had to open the box before Drake exploded.  He got a gun case some exercise equipment, and pictures of he and each of the boys that we had taken the day before fathers day and the gift was finished the night before.  Thanks Amy for making the trip down to visit to take some awesome pictures!!

Opening 'the box'

Checking out the pictures and the contents of the box

My boys

Poor Drake has been stuck with me all day everyday since we moved to Vegas.  There were no preschools that were able to get him in half way through the year so we did our own stuff, but I felt it wasn't enough for a  very active boy.  Dan and I decided to sign Drake up for T-ball for a little social outlet.  For those of you that have done T-ball understand the need to just laugh and enjoy watching the kids running around.  Drake's games are at 8am or 9am and the closest field is about 30 min away.  He has struggled with the early hour of getting up but once he gets there as long as there is plenty to drink he is ok.  It has been fun watching him hit the ball(I think he hits it harder than anyone else on his team) and run the bases.  He still gets easily distracted while playing the field but that will come with time.

Drake showing me his muscles

This is a serious conversation

hitting the ball HARD!

Running to second

Two of the cutest fans

This year is my Grandma Drake's 85th birthday.  She is a member of one of the most amazing generations.  She inspires me to be a hard worker.  A few months ago she fell and hit her head and was life flighted to SLC.  We were all afraid we were going to loose her just a year after Grandpa passed away, but she showed the doctors her true colors and fought through it.  It took some work and time but she was able to get back to living on her own(with a daily visit from one of her children) and show us what it's like to be TOUGH!  
And as usual it is always fun to get together with the family and there are always some great laughs.  The Drake clan is a breed all it's own and I LOVE it.  We need to get together more often in my opinion.

McKenna and Hank had a great nap together

Drake, Alyssa, and Sami thought the dry ice was super cool

Hank with his Great Grandma Drake

Four Generations
Logan has made a great discovery...climbing.  Drake is of course the happy teacher.  He has located the candy, snacks and chips I keep up there and has become quite skilled at scaling the shelves to make it to his destination.  

This year for the 4th we decided to do a little exploring in our new surroundings so we headed up to Mt Charleston for a picnic and hiking.  We packed up some lunch and headed up the mountain.  The picnic area was over run with other people so Dan being the man he is decided to blaze his own trail.  While we were eating there was a chipmunk running around, so as soon as they could the boys went on a search to try to find it.  Naturally, during their search they made many new discoveries.  They had a great time until it started to sprinkle.  Hank and I loaded up some stuff and headed back to the car leaving Dan and the boys to gather the rest and meet us as the car.  Just as we got down the mountain it really started to rain.  We got home and sat outside listening to the rain.  Because of the rain we weren't sure if the neighborhood fireworks were still on, but about 6oclock the clouds left and it was a wonderful night.  After dinner we headed around the corner to see if the party was as fun as we had heard, IT WAS!  We met up with some friends in the ward and had a great time with water guns, dancing, contests, lots of food,  and AWESOME fireworks.  I think these fireworks were the equivalent of many towns fireworks.  It was so fun to sit literally 20ft from the fireworks launch site.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day!

Eating some lunch on a log

Hank relaxing

This was a huge log they discovered while looking for chipmunks

Showing me their muscles

Good baby slept through the fireworks


My little Hank is growing up so fast.  He has really started to smile!  And we can no confirm that not only does he have a dimple in his chin but he also has one in his right cheek.  We all fight to be the one in his face trying to make him smile.