Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Holidays

Temple Square

It was almost Christmas and we hadn't made a trip to Temple Square yet to see the lights. So we called up our friends the Fulton's and headed over after some delicious Smashburgers. It was a freezing cold night so we didn't stay really long but long enough for Drake to make his way under the chains and almost to the nearest sheep in the Nativity scene that is set up by the north Visitors Center. Oh the memories he is helping to create. Anyway it was beautiful and I glad we made it this year.

The reflection pool with some lights and fog
One Happy COLD family

Christmas in Santa Clara

This year after four years of marriage we were finally able to go to Santa Clara for Christmas. Since Dan works for UPS he works Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas so up until this year it has been impossible for us to come home for the holidays. Dan still had to work the Monday following Christmas so he went home by himself and the boys and I got to stay and play. This year all my siblings were in town for Christmas. Angie & Nate and their 4 kids came in from Hawaii, Eric & Heidi and baby Kinley came in from Oregon, Sarah & Miah and their 5 kids came down from Springville, and of course Dan & I with our 2 from SLC. It was a full house. When it came to sleeping Angie and Sarah's families went to Angie's house(they still have their house cuz they were only going to be gone for 2 yrs) a couple of blocks away, and Eric and I at my moms. It was late nights and craziness, but totally worth it.

Like I mentioned Dan works Christmas Eve and this year he finally had a good shift. He was getting off at 3pm but at 915am he called and said they were going to be letting people off early! I hurried and packed the car and at 1030am he was off and we were on the road. We made it in time for a wonderful Christmas Dinner and lots a fun with all of the Drakes(22 people), Grandma & Grandpa Beatty, and my moms brother Mark his wife and three kids. They kids put on a great Nativity with baby Kinley as baby Jesus and the production managers, Mom and Sarah, helping to get the kids on stage for their parts. After the Nativity we opened the traditional Christmas jammies and then headed to our places of sleep. The next morning at 6am the Staheli house people showed up and we woke the other kids to come roaring down the stairs to see what Santa had brought and open gifts. It was so fun to have so many people opening gifts. Drake I think got every thing a 2 yr old boy could want: trains, airplanes, tractors, dump trucks, music or should I say noise makers. Logan was more interested in balls he got a lot of stuff but his favorite was a little baseball tee with a bat. He had a great time. Dan and I had fun too!! It was an awesome Christmas.

After getting all our gifts open we headed to my dad's brother's, Doug, for the Drake family breakfast. It was fun to see all the cousins and eat tuffies.

We also had a family party with Dan's family but all those pictures are on his phone so unfortunately there are none currently available.
The Drake Family smorgas board
All the kids after the nativity
All the kids in their Christmas jammies
A Christmas tree packed with 22 peoples gifts and a second tree with a few more upstairs
Logan with his haul
Drake with his loot

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Baby's One

Logan is my sweetheart. He has the cutest one sided smile
and he will smile at everyone. He likes to pretend that he is shy just
so someone will play peekaboo with him. He loves to follow Drake
around and play with what ever Drake is playing with, much to Drakes dismay.
He is starting to walk and is so proud of himself when he accomplishes
something new. He likes to snuggle into your shoulder and really loves
to be held by Grandpa Drake. He laughs really hard when you tickle his knee
and giggles as the little pig goes wee wee wee all the way home. He
really enjoys throwing and chasing balls. In fact ball was his first word.
He is an absolute joy to everyone he meets. Thank you, Logan for joining our family.
We are truly blessed!!

Logan turned one on Dec 29th. Since Dan had to come back to work and wasn't there on his birthday we decided to have this cake and presents on New Years Eve. But on his actual birthday my mom suggested we go to Jumpin' Jacks. If you have never been there it is pretty fun. They have the blow up toys like slides and obstacle courses. Sarah and I did one obstacle course and had to sit for awhile to recover while the kids moved on to the next one. Drake had a great time and Logan decided that riding the Merry go round was more his style. It was out of order but he had so much fun just sitting on it that he spent most of the party there.

On New Years Eve I put a candle on his cake and unknowingly to me it was a trick candle. So after several attempts for lots of people to blow it out we pulled off and tossed it in the sink. He didn't care too much for his gifts at the time, Drake on the other hand thought they were great and wanted them all opened so he could play with them, Logan just wanted the cake. We cut him a piece of cake and he was so excited. Amazingly enough he ate the whole piece of cake. What a good boy! I love my baby boy and can't believe it has already been a year since he joined the family.
Logan on his valiant steed or elephant...
Drake enjoying the ride
Drake(left) and Sami(right) loved this slide
Austin taking Logan down the slide
Mommy and Logan
Look at all those presents
Can you tell he is excited about cake
Logan enjoying his cake!