Saturday, February 25, 2012

Presidents Weekend

We got our first visitors to see our new digs over Presidents Day weekend.   
Dan's sister Deborah and her husband Matt came to hang out and enjoy the warm sunshine!
Unfortunately, we aren't terribly exciting we pretty much just hang out on our side of town but we made a special trip to the strip just for Deb.  She has never seen the fountains at the Bellagio before and I had heard the garden in the Bellagio was pretty cool too, so we loaded up and headed on down.

The garden was decorated to celebrate the Chinese New Year the year of the Dragon.  They had some pretty cool dragons that moved and blew smoke.  I'm sure if I had a real grasp of my new camera I would have got some great pictures but I don't and the boys were not being cooperative.  After the garden we headed out the door and watched the water show.  It was cool as always and as soon as it was over Logan looked at me and said 'home?'  Well we saw what we wanted to see.  We got the car and headed back home.

Deb was kind enough to find a zoo here and print out coupons.  Monday morning before they headed out we went over to check it out.  For those of you that have never heard about a zoo in Las Vegas let me assure you there is a reason.  It was more expensive than Hogle Zoo and much much much less exciting.  The fence around the park boasted they had 150 species of animals.  Deb and I decided that if you count every different Macaw and all the pigeons they would account for at least 100 of the 150. They did have a lion though, and that is something that even the Hogle Zoo doesn't have. I was able to get a couple of really cute pictures of Logan.  Since poor Logan's 2nd birthday was in the middle of transition and our favorite photographer, Amy, lives in Salt Lake; I took it upon myself to get at least one picture of him to hang on the wall.

When it came time to leave Deb got a little teary eyed and Drake asked her if she was batty.  WHAT!?  Where did he learn that?  We all enjoyed a good laugh and Matt assured Drake that yes Deb was a little batty.  When the tears really started coming Drake looked at her and asked her if her eyes were sweaty.  KIDS are hilarious.  Anyway it was a fun weekend and now Drake and Logan think someone should come visit every weekend.

Drake and Logan giving me their best 'Cheeeeeeese' impression

This is my 2 year old

He's being an elephant

I love it when he pretends to sneeze

The Bellagio Fountains with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Deb, Matt, Drake and Logan checking out the water and the dragons

Did I mention that the kids weren't very cooperative

the Dragon

Logan is sporting my Grandpa Drakes hat and he's shooting me in his diaper.  Grandpa Drake would be proud!

They had a great day!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Picture Update

Well I got my computer set up and downloaded my pictures from my wonderful camera I got for Christmas.  Here are a few of the pictures we have logged over the last couple of months.

This is the beautiful Christmas Tree at my moms

The nativity

Logan got Thomas jammies

Drake got Race Car jammies

Christmas morning ready to run up the stairs

They got a big riding Thomas

Logan's spoils

Drake's Spoils

They are two of the best Keepers.  No ball will get by them!

Dan wasn't really dressed to play
Logan Turns 2

Dan bought Silly string for the kids....

The Vegas cousins enjoying a cupcake

Four Generations.  Grandpa & Grandma Beatty, My Mom & Dad, Dan & I, and two kids who refuse to smile at the camera

New Years Eve risk game.  

Drake and Logan hanging out on Grandmas curb

Hiking with my Vegas Cousins

I wish sometimes they would just smile.  Good thing they're cute

Racing across our new backyard

Finally playing with our tractors and dump truck in the dirt and not moms flower pots

Cute Cheeser

Playing soldiers on the unpacked boxes.
We are loving our new house!  The boys play outside pretty much daily, and I can enjoy it from the inside while unpacking boxes!