Sunday, November 4, 2012



Hank got his first taste of rice cereal. He was curious at first and by the end he was gagging.  Not to mention 2 hours later when he was puking it back up.  He also got his first tooth and started army crawling. Oh the joys of firsts and growing too fast.


Not so excited

This being Paula's and Hank's first Halloweens we decided to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out our own pumpkins this year.  I have awesome memories of heading up to Central, Grandpa letting us go out in the garden and pick our pumpkins and Dad cutting them off the vine.  So because I had an AWESOME childhood I want my kids to experience things too.  At this pumpkin patch the pumpkins were already cut from the vine you just picked the one you wanted and paid by the weight. It was so fun watching the boys running through the pumpkins trying to find a good one.  Dan had them find one they couldn't lift and got that one for himself.  We had fun choosing them and then carving them.  For carving we went the traditional route this year.  It's always fun to use the stencils but we were more excited to make our own scary faces. 
Paula was so excited to go trick or treating and get some candy.  I told her she might be a little old but if she pushed Hank around and pretended the candy was for him no one would ask questions.  She came away with a pretty good haul.  Between the ward trunk or treat and and actual trick or treating we had enough candy to last all five of us about a week, maybe more....

Hank and I on the look out for our favorites

Paula found hers

The boys searching out theirs

Testing the weight of Dads pumpkin

Hank likes Paulas pumpkin

trying to think and get ideas


The final projects

Army guy, Cleopatra, Knight, and little dragon