Monday, May 10, 2010

Back from Basic

I've been meaning to post about Dans return for awhile now so here are the pictures of it. I was so excited to get him back, Drake seemed to be excited also, and Logan was his normal happy self. Drake was super excited to get to see the airplanes. We decided to have Dan fly into St George since the boys and I were there, and because we thought it would be more fun for Drake to be able to watch the plane land and see Dan get off it. Dan was dreaming of Drake running up to him and giving him a big hug. Drake watched Dan's plane land and watched for him to step off. My Dad held Drake by the door and when Dan walked in Drake ran towards him, then at he stopped looked at him and ran towards me. We finally got him to give Dan a hug and then he was attached to his Daddy.
My dad and Drake waiting
Drake watching the plane land
Waiting for Dan to exit
There he is getting off
Drake giving Daddy a hug

Since Dan's birthday was the day before his return we had a birthday party for him. We made a cake and opened presents. For the next two weeks we stayed at Angies house and enjoyed being together as a family once again. Dan brought back a uniform for Drake and Drake loved it. Drake would put it on every morning to go outside to play. They looked so good in their matching uniforms. One day Drake had been outside playing and came back in the house wanting his bottle. He happened to have two bottles each half full one with milk and one with juice. He fell asleep on the floor under the bar with two empty bottles wearing the uniform. I think with he had a bit too much to drink. One day we headed up to Snow Canyon and took some great pictures. It was a little sad that it was raining so no hiking, but it was really beautiful. I had forgotten the beauty of the red rocks backed by the gray sky. Sadly we had to return to SLC and leave behind the warm and sunshine. Good thing I have such cute boys to get me through the following three weeks of Dan being gone again. We can't wait for him to be back for good!!
Drake 'lighting' the cake
Testing out the gifts
Matching uniforms
Passed out like so many before him
Snow Canyon

My guys
Two of the cutest boys around