Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthdays, Easter and Everything in between

Wow so here is another update.  Unfortunately, you have to endure all my pictures at once because I haven't been good about updating regularly.  So here it is.

Dad's Birthday
In March there was a big baseball tourney and we had Brock, Austin, and Jake playing on three different teams.  It was a lot of fun to be able to go support the boys and watch them play. One of the games was played out in Little Valley and it was the same day and the Blue Thunder air show at the new airport in St George.  It was awesome!  We watched them do their fancy tricks and Austin even had a fly over just as he got a great hit.  My Dad's birthday happened to be a few days before and since most of the family was together for the tournament we had a little party with a picnic and cake between games.  And we of course set up in a prime air show watching location.

Dad and his beloved German Chocolate cake

All of us kind of aware of the camera
 Mandy comes to VISIT!
Back in August our best friends decided to leave us stranded in SLC without them while they moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  Well since I had had such a wonderful time packing my house, by myself, and had been really miserable Dan got me the best present ever, a weekend with Mandy!  She flew in on a Thursday night and got to play until Sunday night when she had to go back to her kids.  Drake and Logan loved having her here!  She played baseball, candyland, watched movies and was just plain cool.  Mandy and I got to do some shopping although it was pretty much a bust we did save enough money to be able to go see Phantom of the Opera.  It was really good and we had a great time watching all the interesting people on the strip at 11pm.  It was really sad to say goodbye as we dropped her off at the airport, but this time it didn't feel as final.  There will definitely be another trip sometime in the future!
Mandy enjoying her cheesecake

Pete Rose was signing autographs and having professional pictures taken so this is a  walk by with the phone

And wouldn't ya know it just a few stores away there was Dick Butkus 

Shopping at the M&M factory

A 'wonderful' self portrait outside the Phantom theater
 Drakes 4th birthday
My little Draker turned 4 on April 4th.  I can't believe how fast the time as flown by.  He is so smart and almost everyday surprises me with something new.  He loves to do 'homework' and play or beat on Logan.  He always wants to play baseball and enjoys putting together all the train tracks.  He also loves to read books and play candyland.  He is also starting to negotiate his way out of trouble.  He loves babies and is so excited for our baby to finally get out of Mommy's belly.  When ever we get something  for the baby he tries to get me to eat it so the baby can have it now.  He keeps me on my toes always wondering what he is going to come up with next.  I love him and wouldn't have it any other way!
He wanted a baseball cake

Logan's excited for the cake

Drake got a sample because I had to shape the cake

Isn't this a great shot

Opening gifts

Playing with the new race track

Blowing out his candles

Our cousins and friends that came to party
The day before Easter we were invited over to my cousins house to decorate eggs and have a practice hunt before the big day.  The kids were so excited and so many kids we had do decorate in shifts.  Drake and Logan had a blast and even McKenna and Alyssa, who had be spending the last few days with us while Brock and Austin played in a baseball tournament, got to come decorate.  After dying the eggs we had some pizza and then headed out to the park to get some eggs.  The deal was instead of putting the candy in the eggs we just had empty eggs and then the kids could count the eggs they found and get candy for each one.  It was a lot of fun watching them racing around.  Drake was not such a happy camper because the eggs didn't 'shake' so I'm afraid he didn't get too many.  He was protesting.

The next morning we were debating if the hunt would be before 9am church or after.  The boys actually woke up kind of early so we opted to have the hunt first.  Drake was the first to wake up and found his basket and the shirt and bug cage the Easter bunny left.  Logan was a little slower but lucky for him he didn't have to make it all the way down the stairs Drake gathered up his golf clubs, shirt and even the chocolate bunny and ran them up the stairs.  After the boys just looked at the orange rolls I had gotten up extra early to make we got dressed and peeked out the window at the backyard.  They boys hurried outside and started collecting.  Drake was much happier this time because the eggs shook so he was much more willing to fill his basket.  It was a lot of fun to watch and afterward on our way to church we tried to explain why we celebrate Easter.  I think the real meaning will eventually sink in but at least they remembered it had something to do with Jesus by the time we got to church. 
Drake coloring eggs

Logans is checking to make sure the eggs don't have heart beats with his

Macie, McKenna, Alyssa, and baby Nick 2 weeks old

The kids waiting for the hunt to start

Who needs eggs when you have a ball, glove and helmet

The kids after the hunt

Drake Easter morning

Drake telling Logan all about the Easter bunny

Yup it shakes

Look what Logan found

Showing off the spoils
 Dans Birthday
The day after Easter was Dan's birthday.  It was killing Drake and Logan to have to wait for Dan to get home to sing to him and for him to open his presents.  As soon as Dan walked in the door from work Drake was dragging him over to open his gifts.  Dan didn't really want a cake so instead he got his favorite Little Debbies oatmeal pies; one pie for each decade and a candle for years.  

By the way Dan is amazing!  I have been very blessed to be married to such a wonderful husband and father. Drake and Logan run to the door every day when he gets home from work and give him a big hug.  They love  to wrestle with him and know it's story time when Daddy gets on his special story hat.  Poor Dan doesn't get to much peace and quiet for studying.  The boys just sit outside his door building trains or driving cars waiting for him to let them come in and jump on the bed and get body slammed.  Dan works really hard and is doing so much for his new job.  He loves it and the people he not only works with but gets to meet and visit with.  He makes sure we are taken care and and is great at meeting new people.  He is a wonderful husband who doesn't care much when he comes home to two crazy boys and a prego tired wife who didn't have the energy to make dinner so he does.  He rubs my feet when I ask and tells me to shop til I drop.  He has this incredible ability to see all the wonderful good things in the world.  He gets along with everyone and everyone loves him especially me. 
Thank you honey!  I love you!!!
Dan with his gifts

Blowing out the candles with is new hat on