Monday, August 22, 2011


This past weekend we headed down south for a little rest and relaxation in the beautiful city of Beaver, UT.  We have some family friends that have have a cabin there and it is large enough for all of the Drake clan to hang out and even sleep for a few hours.

While waiting for my parents to arrive Thursday night we relaxed in the hammocks and watched a few does and some fawns come over looking for some food.  Drake had been begging for weeks to go camping so Dan and Drake set up the tent for some camping on the lawn.  My parents arrived and Logan and I went and claimed our bedroom.

I had a good nights sleep, unfortunately Dan didn't get to sleep as early.  Drake was having so much fun playing the with his flashlight from Grandma and the remote to the lanturn that Dan didn't get quite as much sleep.  It didn't help either that Drake rose with the sun the next morning. 

Later that morning Eric, Heidi, and Baby Kinley arrived.  They had flown in from Oregon late the night before.  Not long after they arrived Sarah, Miah and the rest of the Dellamas's showed up.  Drake was so excited to see Sami and they had a great time all weekend together just following each other around.  Later Friday night the Staheli's came after school had gotten out.  Now we were all together and ready for some fun!!

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and packed the coolers for a trip up Beaver mountain to do some fishing at our favorite spot Lake Lebaron.  I'm sure we were a sight to see.  Twenty two people lined up along the shore in our camping chairs with lots of little kiddos.  But WOW the fishing was amazing!!  That was the first time in all my years spent fishing at Lebaron that everyone caught a fish and some people caught as many as 10!  This was not early morning or evening fishing people this was late morning early afternoon.  Drake was so excited to catch a fish.  He had been so excited to go fishing since we first mentioned it to him.  In fact last Sunday he had to sit in the hall with me because he was crying during Sacrament meeting because he just wanted to got fishing with Grandpa.  It was a lot of fun!  About lunch time my Uncle Mark and his family came up to fish and for dinner that night.  Even they caught fish.  We figured that we caught about 50 fish and we able to release all but 8 back in the lake.  What a successful day.

After fishing we headed back down the mountain.  We got back to the cabin and relaxed for a little while until it was time to get the dutch ovens ready for potatoes and chicken.  While dinner was cooking we got a family volleyball game going.  Kids 10 and up could play so we played six on six and the other kids played around on the swings and cheered us on.  I don't really remember who came out the winners but it was a great time.  After dinner we said good bye to the Beatty's and got ready so some late night card games.

Sunday we attended Sacrament Meeting at the local ward and then headed back to the cabin for lunch and cleaning up.

It is so much fun to get together and have fun.  It's nice for the kids to have cousins to play with and follow around.  I think Logan was mostly attached to Austin and Drake and Sami were connected at the hip.  We are already missing it and having withdrawals.  Drake and Logan loved spending every waking moment outside.  They loved fishing, seeing the deer that come to eat, swinging, dirt, and playing with cousins.  We are blessed to get to do this so often.

Just Swinging

You can't really tell but he is smiling

Too many kids not enough swings so Drake offered to share with Sami

My mom and I went for a ride on the see saw

Logan and Mati on the See Saw

There was an old school nintendo. Dan and Eric spent much of the weekend playing Contra

Sami, Drake, Austin, and Alyssa playing on the hammock

Logan's favorite spot...the mud hole

Logan is eating his catch of the day, Gold fish

Drake with his Cars fishing pole

He was so excited!

Logan just wanted to reel in the line

Dan and Logan enjoying the time together

Hey look Dan caught a fish
The other nintendo nerds playing the original Super Mario Brothers.  They even remember where all the free lives and stuff are.

The Dellamas's

The Stahelis

The Nevilles

The Drakes

The original Drakes
The add ons