Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Blissful Years

 On June 10, 2006 Daniel Aaron Neville and Darci Lyn Drake were sealed for time AND all eternity in the St George LDS Temple.  It was a beautiful day filled with three if my favorite 'F' words; family, friends and food!  Now here we are 5 years later. 

For our anniversary Dan wanted to really celebrate.  He wanted to have the 'honeymoon we never had'.  Meaning as long as we didn't go to Disneyland we would have the honeymoon we never had.  For weeks he had been asking me what I wanted to do.  He had so many great ideas I told him to pick one and I would be happy just to be with him.  He finally settled on a day in SLC, a short ride down to Scotland, and a evening train ride.

The morning of Friday June 10th Dan spent almost 4 hours trying to save us $300 by trying to replace the starter in his car with his friend Karen Reilly.  A few hours, some bloody knuckles, and a perfectly fine starter and battery later we were waiting for his brother Jim to come and help tow his car to a shop.  While they towed the car in I packed up the boys and headed to Dan sister Stephanie's to drop off Drake and Logan for the weekend.  I kissed my little guys goodbye and headed home to pick up Dan and we were off!! We got a call less than an hour later from the mechanic who was almost laughing as he said the problem with the car was not the battery, alternator, or starter it was corrosion on the battery wires. Less than $40 and a half hour of work. At least Dan tried to be the man of the house.  For lunch we went to this Thai Restaurant and had some good curry then we went to check into our hotel....The Little America!  Dan has a friend at work name Loni and she got us a room in the tower, I know I know you're thinking there isn't a tower at the Little America only at the Grand America but alas you would be wrong,  there is a tower and the rooms are really really nice.  I was almost afraid to touch anything in the room.  We left our bags and headed out to do some shopping.  Dan had gotten me a gift certificate to Kohl's and there happened to be one by a Texas Roadhouse where he had gotten me another gift card and where we were going to dinner.  So we walked around Kohl's and found some fun stuff for the boys and a couple of shirts for me.  Next we headed over to Texas.  I love a good steak and Texas Roadhouse has some of the best steaks around!  I also love bread and they have those wonderfully tasty rolls with the cinnamon butter mmmmmmmmmmm.  We had rolls and butter for breakfast the next morning too.  

Saturday morning we decided it would only be fitting to attend the Temple since that is were this all began 5 years ago.  Also the boys were in Woods Cross we decided to head to the Bountiful Temple and do a session.  I had forgotten how difficult it is to keep your eyes open during the movie, we have been going to Salt Lake so long now where it's live and you move rooms.  Anyway it was beautiful!!  After the Temple we headed to the next leg of our awesome weekend, Thanksgiving point.  I had heard rumors of the Highland Games that are held at Thanksgiving point but I didn't know they were that big.  I have never seen so many men in skirts (kilts) and not only were they in kilts but some of these guys were freaking HUGE!  They have to pick up telephone poles and throw them.  They were doing the hammer throw, discus, shot put, and this thing with pitch forks and bundles where they throw the bundles up in the air behind them and try to clear a bar set at like 27 feet.  It was amazing.  While there we heard about this really good homemade root beer that was sold in these sweet looking bottles so we said why the heck not.  The root beer was a little flat but the bottle were worth it.  After leaving the world of kilts, bagpipes, and river dance we made a stop at another shopping venue.  Dan had also given me a gift card to Bath and Body.  They were having their semi annual sale so we headed over and got a lot of good stuff!  Dan had so much fun shopping that I had to beg him to come on so we didn't miss our train.  Awe, the Heber Valley Railroad or better know to my family as the Heber Creeper. Dan got us a ride on the Heber Creeper and they threw in a dinner and a show.  This show was not just any show it was a murder mystery.  We were among the people attending the Sunnyside High class of '91.  The student council did a great job of planning the reunion that is until the class president was poisoned.  Then it was confusion trying to figure out who dun it and what was on the agenda.  After the Secretary was shot it was nail biting hoping you weren't next.  Luckily we figured out who did it and that person will be held accountable.  We made if safely back to the station and headed home.  We picked up the boys about 10:15pm and took our tired monkeys home.  

It was a wonderful weekend and even the boys had a great time with their cousins.  I can't wait until our 10th anniversary and see what Dan plans for us then!!
This our really comfortable bed 

The couch and the view

This guys throwing a telephone pole

I loved this sign!  It was up all around events

Dan's just catching a ride

Dan gets the best pictures of me

We climbed in the engine then reailzed that it was the engine that would be pulling our train to we quickly exited

Self portraits are great

The root beer bottles