Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dan's favorite memory from camping in beaver

Dan's favorite moment of the camping weekend involved 1 nephew, 2 neices, Drake and some punches being thrown.

Mason (almost 4) got punched in the face by Alyssa (almost 3) and immediately punched her back in the face, knocking her over and making her cry. Then just a moment later little Sammy (16 months old) played a little game of monkey see monkey do and hit Drake in the face. Drake, playing his own game of monkey see monkey do, slugged her back. She cried and we all had a good chuckle.

The only regret is that the camcorder was not recording.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camping on Beaver Mountain

Every year around the 24th of July we usually head to Beaver Mountain to do some family camping. This year we had to move it up because Angie & Nate move to Hawaii on the 28th and Eric & Heidi leave on the 26th to move to Oregon. So this past week we all met up at Lake Lebaron and enjoyed one last family get together for a few years.

Dan, Drake and I headed down on Wednesday and got the perfect camp spot right next to the meadow and close to the potty. We made tin foil dinners and set up the tent. Unfortunately, when I made my list of things needed for camping some how the blow up mattress got missed. I did remember the pump though. Well Drake started off in the pack and play but he woke up and decided he wanted to sleep with mom and dad on the hard ground. It was a rough nights sleep. My parents showed up early the next morning with Jake and Austin. Eric & Heidi came next with Alyssa and Mckenna in tow. Then the Sarah & Miah with the rest of their kids. Finally, Angie and Nate came with Brock.

It was a great time fishing playing ball in the meadow and watching the kids just enjoy hanging out with their cousins. Dan even tied for first in the number of fish caught for the weekend. He was so proud of himself. He even kept a couple; luckily he forgot them in the freezer of the trailer cuz I wasn't going to touch them if they smelled fishy.

It will be a couple of years before we all get to camp out together again, so we look forward to the next time. We will miss all the family heading in different directions and we love them very much.

Drake helping unpack the car

Our first night camping
Playing ball in the meadow
Grandpa helping Alyssa and McKenna get their poles ready
Drake and Dan enjoying the fishing
The row of chairs for the fisherman
The whole family
Bunch of goofballs
Grandparents and grandkids
Our little family and a bulging belly
Uncle Eric and McKenna, Alyssa, Sami, and Mason
Sarah and Miah just chilling
Grandpa and Sami
Hangin round the fire
Drake and Sami
Drake liked the chairs his size
Grandma, Alyssa, Mason, and Drake

Good old Days

I had the opportunity to spend the evening with some of my girls from my first year of coaching at Mtn Crest High School. It was fun to catch up and find out where everyone is in life and just reconnect. Thanks Vicky for planning the party and we'll have to do it again sometime.

Vicky Thompson Gold, Heather Duncan, Kayla Hansen, Me, Maria Johnson, Nikki Richardson

Smile you are on camera

Drake enjoying the time with girls. Can't you tell...

Fourth of July

For the FOURTH of July we headed to Dan's parents house for a BBQ with the family. After the BBQ we, meaning Dan, Drake, myself, Deb, Jon & Somelea, Alex, Josh and some friends, headed out to Utah lake to do some shooting. We had a GREAT time and I must say I'm still a pretty good SHOT. After the shooting we headed BACK to Dan's parents house for fireworks. The BOYS of course were having way too much fun holding on to the FIREWORKS too long and throwing them. Somelea was not enjoying that but NATURALLY that just made the boys hold on longer. We enjoyed our FOURTH and look forward to many more.