Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Annie Ferdinandsson

Living in Vegas has taught us a few things and winning big is our favorite. We weren't expecting to take another exchange student because we didn't think anyone could match our family as well as Paula did, but when the paperwork came and we read Annie's bio, Dan and I just knew it was another match made in heaven. The Swedish magic continues as this year we are taking a wonderful Swede named Annie Ferdinandsson from Varekil, Orust Sweden.  Many of you will not be able to pronounce the name of her town correctly but hey for those who can I put it in there just for you.  Annie is from an island just north of Gothenberg  on the west coast of Sweden.  
She will be a senior this year at Shadow Ridge High School.  Once we made the decision we have been excitedly waiting for her to arrive.  We were able to skype with her and her family and my Swedish skills were on full display as her family and I skyped mostly in Swedish!  She comes from a wonderful family and can't wait to enjoy the next 10 months with her!

Here are some pictures of us picking her up at the airport and introducing her to the Las Vegas Strip!

Waiting at the airport

Getting the balloons untangled

Where is Annie!

We found her!  Big hugs all around!


Hey is that Elvis?  I knew he wasn't dead.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer FUN!

Here is a quick overview via pictures of our fun summer.

Happy 4th of JULY with a picture of our favorite soldier in the background!

Playing at the play ground before fireworks

It's a hot 4th in Vegas

Awe!  Logan and Liza Hall missed each other.  So glad they could join us for fireworks.

This is our first attempt of camping with the Hall family.  We went to Pine Valley and did not anticipate the wonderful rain storm that would hit.

Hank recently learned to climb up on things and is so proud of himself!

This is pre rain storm...

This is Ana, Liza, Max, Mark and Logan during the rainstorm in one tent where we took refuge after the other tent blew over.  We didn't last super long in this tent with two adults(the men were coming later that night) and six kids after it was raining so hard that it started leaking into the tent.  We ended up driving to my parents house for the night.

The next day we went to Central to air out the tents we left at the campground and just hang out.  The kids went out to the pasture and found horseshoes, and My grandma found a stick for them so they could play horse shoes.

Hank thinks he is part of the family


Arm wrestleing

Hank and his Great grandma

Hank got his first hair cut from Art.  Grandpa Drakes barber.  See the baby tail...

It is no more.

He thought the clippers tickled

He liked looking at himself in the mirror

All done.  My baby's getting too big!

This is the gang waiting for the Washington County Parade to start!

Candy, Candy, Candy

Jamming out to the band

That night we went to the demolition derby.  This is the best picture i could get of all three boys.

Hank loved Uncle Erics and Aunt Heidi's popcorn

We all had to pick a car to cheer on and Logan chose the car that looked like lightening.  He Yelling "Go Lightening, Go Lightening!"

Drake thought it was kinda loud.

This truck flipped another truck and got stuck on top.  No worries both drivers were ok.

Once again in Central we headed out to the field to find some milkweed and hopefully some Monarch Catterpillars

Climbing through the fence

Checking out the two we caught and McKenna looking for some more.