Sunday, December 8, 2013


This year we signed Drake and Logan up for soccer it was a lot of fun to watch them play and even more fun to watch how much they improved from week 1- week 10.  I volunteered to coach Drakes soccer team so unfortunatly I didnt get game time pictures of his games but I did get his team picture.

We headed over to Gilcrease orchard again to pick our perfect pumpkins.  It was fun to watch the boys head out and search far and wide for their pumpkin.  They had a great time trying to decide what they wanted to carve into their pumpkins.  This year for Halloween we invited our friends the Halls over for some fun halloween food and then to go trick or treating.  All the kids had a great time and enjoyed most of their candy. 

My mom was in town so she got to come with us

Aren't we cute

Drake got to walk in his schools halloween parade

My cute Army man/ girl, bob the builder, eeyore, and a ninja

My costume + announcement...


I love that the enchange students don't sit around and wish to do something they make a plan and do it.  This year there were about 30 kids that decided to get together and all go to Homecoming.  It was fun to follow them around at the dinosaur park and take pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

We were trying to figure out some thing fun to do one day so we decided to head over to Redrock for some hiking and a picnic. We found a big rock to eat on and take some pictures and then we went on a hike while playing hide n go seek.  I think this might have been one of Dan's best ideas for helping the boys enjoy hiking.

We saw this guy with a buddy as we were leaving. Do all burrows have stripes on their legs or just wild ones?

I wanted to get some family pictures done for our Christmas Cards this year.  I had heard that Floyd Lamb park and Tulle springs was a pretty place so we packed a picnic got dressed up and headed out.  Since I'm kind of cheap and Dan bought me a nice camera and photoshop I decided we were going to take our own pictures.  Luckily Annie had some friends that wanted to come along to I posed everybody and they were there to snap the family pictures for us.

Cutest boys around

I get a girl picture!

He found a spider and was getting a close up view

Dad wanted pictures of boys in shorts with boots

This is called kick the dirt

Saturday, October 19, 2013

August-Sept Warning long post

Annie arrived and she came bearing gifts!  She brought the boys some Swedish soccer jerseys and a soccer ball. They are so excited they try to wear them anytime they are playing soccer in the backyard.  I got a beautiful butter knife and a Swedish cake baking and decorating book, all the cakes look so delicious I can't wait to try to make one.  Dan got a collectors Volvo Semi truck and his absolute favorite, Jelly rats!  We were surprised and loved all of our gifts.  Thank you Annie and Familian Ferdinadsson!!

UPS softball tournament
Dan worked at UPS for 8 good years. Every year he would get so excited about the annual softball tournament. Then they would lose and I would have to deal with sourpuss Dan for the next month. They have come close, but for at least the past 10 years the UPS Call center has not been able to hold this trophy.  This was their year!  And best of all, in the championship game Dan CRUSHED the only homerun. Ryan Birrenkott may have been the tournament MVP but Dan provided juice when they needed it most.  They got a huge ol trophy and their pride has been restored.  Great job boys!

Caterpillars and Butterflies
When I was growing up we used to head to Central and find us some Monarch caterpillars.  So this year we happened to be in town during caterpillar season so we went on the hunt.  We were able to find two caterpillars.  Unfortunately one was quite small and died soon after the big one made is cocoon. They boys had a great time watching and waiting for the butterfly to emerge.  When it did he was awesome.  It was awesome watching the wings dry out and to see it opening and closing its wings and then to eventually watch it fly away. I love nature and helping my boys experience it up close. Dan could not remember if he had ever seen a butterfly emerge from a cocoon either so ALL of my boys had a great first expereince together.

First day of School
Well Annie got a very early start to her school day she decided to accompany some of the other youth in our Church to early morning seminary.  Since school starts at 7am here seminary starts at 6am and they have to leave by 545am to get there on time.  But she was awake and excited for her first day.  The next day when she boarded the yellow school bus we took pictures of her and her good friend Renatta who is also in Vegas as an exchange student from Brazil.
Drake also started afternoon Kindergarten the same day with his teacher Mrs Harrison.  He was so excited to go!  He didn't seem nervous at all and walked right in sat down and after school all he talked about was how fun it was.  I decided to start a new tradition this year.  On their first day of school when they get home I will have a GIANT cookie made just for them.  Annie was kind enough to share with Logan and Hank and I'm pretty sure Drake ate most of his all by himself since he is our resident COOKIE MONSTER.

Beaver 2013
Well we made our annual trip to Uncle Buck's cabin for our family reunion.  We are always so excited to see the family, ride in the razor, see the deer, go fishing, and just plain have a great time!  

Drake and Sami

Dan is trying to save a fish so he can release him back in the lake

This fisherman was totally relaxed enjoying the peace of the lake and some grapes to munch on

Dan made Annie bait her own hook with a worm. Annie was more squirmy than the worm. HA HA HA

I was teaching Logan how to cast his line

Somebody caught a fish and we are all excited about it

One happy family

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grand kids

The Original non-extended Drake family

Nate in one of his more reserved moments

Hank and Brock hanging out

We had an awesome weekend.

Look what we caught

The ketchup on his face did not get there from trying to eat the snake. We found the snake during lunch. The boys had fun with their slimy new friend!

Logan's 1st day of Preschool
Logan was so excited to start preschool and go to the same preschool that Drake attended.  He loved his first day can't wait to go again! Hank wanted to be in the picture too.  Isn't he cute?!

Lizard Tails
When the boys were all home from school we spotted a lizard in the backyard.  The boys chased it under the AC so I figured it was gone, until they came in the house holding the lizard and were so excited.  Drake had caught it by the tail, surprisingly the tail stayed attached.  Drake and Logan loved holding it.  Hank would get close and then just get so excited and start laughing.  Again nature is fun and amazing up close!

Dixie Round up
Earlier this summer we missed the Enterprise rodeo because of the weather so this time we were determined to go and we also had Annie with us so she could experience a great American past time.  We went over early in the day to see the livestock and make sure Hank got to see the horses(he was getting babysat by McKenna that night). I love rodeos and I love the Patriotic people of the US.  The opening was amazing with the Triple Deuce(the National Guard Unit from Southern Utah) protecting the flag with guns drawn, the tank that came out into the Sun Bowl and the beautiful Prayer and National Anthem.  My Country and the Military continue to grow with significance every year I live. Since having kids and with my husband as a memberArmy National Guard, I get far more emotional than a country girl should.  Needless to say I was crying during the presentation.  They boys enjoyed the rodeo but most especially the motocross demonstration after the rodeo.  It was pretty cool!

Logan fell asleep on our way to the rodeo so Annie carried him. Doens't Annie look great in her Western snap shirt?

The Tank

Logan, Drake, Dad, Mom, & Annie.  Dan was at Drill for the Army so no fun for him this time.

Me and the boys

Watching the motorcycles

Swiss Days 2013
It was that time of year for Santa Clara Swiss Days and the famous 5K.  This year Dan was was going to mentor Drake and Darci would accompany Logan as both signed up to run.  After Drake got some breakfast in him he was excited and told Dan he wanted to run the whole thing and win.  Logan was super excited too, even more so when I told him if he was the youngest boy to run he could ride in the parade and get a trophy. Grandma and Grandpa pushed the stroller with Hank, Dan ran with Drake, and Logan and I walked and ran.  Dan and Drake finished and Drake took 6th place.

 Logan was doing great until mile 2 then his feet started to hurt and he was pretty much done.  Thankfully we happened to be walking with Angie and Mati and we were able to get him to think about other things for a few minutes at a time.  We finished in 1hr 16min and we weren't the last ones.  Eric's little girl Kinley was behind us and she was walking running the whole way.  In the end Logan was the youngest boy and Kinley was the youngest girl to finish the race so they got their special cow bells and got to ride in the parade and throw out candy.  They were so cute and had a great time!
Drake is prepping Dan

Waiting at the starting line

Logan is all smiles

Logan and Kinley getting their Trophies!

Waving in the parade with Uncle Eric 

Dan and Hank enjoying the parade floats

The best way to get candy is start a throwing war with the football team.  Thanks Nate we owe you

The whole family after the race