Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Family!

Best Buds

What a cute face
Our little family
My boys

My camo guys
Proud Daddy
good lookin kid
They will be good friends

Just before Dan left to head out to South Carolina we headed
up to the Red Hill to get some family pictures taken by my Mom for Dan to
have with him so he wouldn't forget what we looked like. Please
pardon the still pregnant look about me, I mean come
on it was only 10 days after Logan was born.

And for a quick update on Dan. He is having a great time at
Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CH-BOLC). He loves everything he is getting to do. So far he has: Been exposed to tear gas (the gas chamber was one of his favorite activities, which is odd since he suffered quite a bit), ropes course, rappelling, first aid/combat life saver, orienteering/map reading, night infiltration, and his newest favorite ( he has a lot of faves) the low crawl in sand under barbwire with live ammunition and grenade simulators going off. He was proud that out of 105 Chaplains in the course that he finished within the top 10. What a nut job my husband is. he seems normal, but you never can be too sure.

We have been lucky enough to be able to
talk to Dan every night by phone or skype with him. He has his
own one bedroom apartment there on base. Yes, that is unusual but
he is an officer so his basic is slightly different than basic
for enlisted men. Unfortunately, all the really exciting stuff
is over and he now gets to spend many long days in a classroom
being taught how to help the soldiers he will be counseling.

As for me and the boys we are loving the St George sun!
Drake gets to go outside and play, I get to sit in a chair and
watch, and Logan gets to chill in his swing. We are looking forward
to getting to go visit Angie and Nate for a couple of weeks, the
end of March and into April. in Hawaii. It is going to be so
much fun!! Drake gets to have his second birthday on the
beach!! And then a few days after we get back Dan comes
home. Yahoo!!
So I would say right now life is pretty good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More pictures

Ok, so I finally found where the pictures were saved on the computer.
These pictures were some that we took in the hospital. It's kind of
weird having a baby and not haveing many people, especially all the
kids, be ableto come visit you. I mean Drake didn't even get to meet Logan
until he was three days old. But it was so cute when he did. We only
filmed with the camcorder but Drake was so excited for 'baby'. He ran
over to the car seat when we put it down and opened the top. He
just kept saying 'baby, baby'. I did get a couple of snapshots of him
holding Logan. It was so cute! Even now Drake loves to give
Logan hugs if he is crying or give Logan his pacifier. He even likes to
sit on my lap and hold Logan. We have a lot of bonding time with the
three of us on the lazy boy watching cartoons or taking naps.

Logan relaxing

His first bath

He's not so sure he likes it

Relaxing under the lights

He's got his paci and glasses what more could you ask

Finally going home

Here are a few pictures of us at home. Unfortuantely, we did not take a ton of pictures itwas crazy trying to get packed, clean the house for Dan's brother to move in while we are gone, and then with my Dad getting a ride in an ambulance after slipping and falling in the parking lot and hitting his head. Lets just say he is doing fine it was just really scary.

I love snuggling my babies

Grandpa the morning after hitting his head with his newest grandson

Drake loving his baby

I was slowing getting the picture of Drake kissing Logan

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Logan Taylor Neville

I know I haven't posted picture yet of your little dark haired Logan but with the whole Jaundice on a bilibed for three days, trying to clean the house and pack up for three months, and then saying good-bye to Dan Friday night it has been very busy for me. Here are a couple of quick pictures of Logan right after he was born.

For those of you who don't know our story we attempted a VBAC which is a normal delivary after a c-section. After 20 hours of labor, only being dialated to a 6, and the baby starting to stress the dr decided to do another c-section. Logan was born at 5:17am Dec 29th, 7lbs 12 ozs, 21 3/4inches. For those of you who are successful with a regular delivary you rock. As for me and my house we love the c-section in a matter of minutes your baby is born and luckily I never really have pain so my recovery is fast.

Drake has been great with his brother. He does like to rub his head(be soft we call it) and point or poke out his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. He'll come let you know when he is crying and he loves to cuddle on moms lap with Logan there too. Of course I love being able to hold both my boys without any fighting. Drake has also become a little protective of Logan. When people Drake doesn't know well are holding Logan he goes over and tells them 'no' and pulls on Logan. It's quite cute if you ask me.

So far is has been great with my little blondie and my little brown haired boys I can't wait til they can start playing together. Then again that also means with will be fighting....oh well that's life right. I'll get more pictures posted when I get my mom's computer figured out.