Friday, February 26, 2010


Our Valentine weekend was full of fun and excitement.
We celebrated Valentines a day early. It started off with
the annual Lincoln Day Breakfast, which is the Washington
County republican party's thing. This year my Dad was
asked to speak. He was in almost regal company; Governor Herbert,
Speaker of the House David Clark(Utah, he's from Santa Clara),
Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Sen. Bob Bennett. My Dad was
assigned to give the 'State of the County' address. He did a
great job, and for those of you that know me know that
I'm not a real political person but I found this very interesting.
I was impressed very much with Governor Herbert.
He seems to be taking the state in the right direction.
He's got my vote. After the breakfast was the
party. Read below for more info on that.
Republican party pres, Orrin Hatch, David Clark, Governor Herbert, and my Dad speaking
Bob Bennett is the second from the right of my Dad

Dad's name tag at the head table

After the breakfast we got to work putting the
finishing touches on our Valentines day party. We
started off with a buffet style dinner. We had BBQ
buffalo wings, meatballs, and a chocolate fountain. The dipping
treats were as follows; pineapple, mandarin oranges, bananas,
strawberries, pretzels, rice crispy treats, peanut butter
cookies, and Cinnamon bears. It was delicious! After that
we headed downstairs for games. We started off with pin the
arrow on the heart. It was just for the kids. Next we had a
licorice eating contest. You put about an inch in your mouth, placed
your arms behind your back while standing. We did this in
groups of four starting with the four oldest down to the four
youngest. Sadly Drake, Sami, Mati, and Logan were a little too young.
It was not as easy as you would think either. Our last
game was a balloon popping charades game. In each balloon
we placed something that had too be acted out. It was pretty
fun watching everyone try to pop their balloon and then have
to act it out. My cousin Alex too to the next level and spelled
his charade with his butt. Now that was funny.
Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of this game because
Logan was starving so we were in the other room. So our
Valentines party was a success and lots of fun.
We did get a package sent off to Dan. It was a camo mailbox
full of candy. There also was a bear from Logan, a
valentine card that Drake colored, and a mushy card
from me. Dan has sent us a Valentine/my birthday package the
week before. Although I'm still not sure who's birthday it was
for cuz there was a pair of army sweats, a lanyard for my
keys, and a stuffed Valentine dog for me. Logan got an onsie
and a hat. Drake got two packages of cars, a barrel of
monkeys, the helicopter from cars and more but I can't
think of it right now. It was a great package, Drake really
enjoyed it. Dan also ordered flowers for me for Valentines.
They were beautiful red roses.
My Mom with the a couple and the kids and the heart

The first group, Grandpa, Grandma Beatty, Mom and Dad

The next group, Sarah, Shannan, Mark and Diane
Third group, Lauren, Alex, Jake, and Me

The final group, Mason(not pictured), Luke, Kade and Anna

This was for the best in show title. Mark is the winner

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm having the time of my life

Smiling before Night Infiltration Course
Should have done this training during summer. BRRRRRR!

NCO quizzing me. Notice he has pringles. no sharing allowed.

Leadership Development Course. Fat chaplains and balance obstacles DO NOT work well together

FUN! FUN! FUN! Exhausting but fun.

The hardest part for me is not the physicality of the exersize, it is keeping my mouth shut when a sarcstic NCO taunts me.

"Chaplains do not carry weapons so we have chaplain assistants who go through training to protect the president (chaplain). Essentially they shoot for two and act as our shield during fire. They are the true warriors.

Me crying and gagging after being released from the CS Gas chamber. Tear gas is not fun to inhale, choke on, or gag with. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

The confidence course is a lot of rappelling, cargo net climbing, and rope bridge negotiating. The soldiering aspect of the military is energizing and fun. Most enjoyable if I do say so myself.

The donning of the beret is an incredibly spiritual experience. Trying to verbalize the emotions of completing the soldiering phase of chaplain basic training is challenging. The American flag and U.S. Constitution have become so much more than they used too. I am proud to be an American. This picture is supposed to represent that I am now Army strong. No tuff guy stare from me though, remember, I am a chaplain.

God Speed

Monday, February 1, 2010

Logan is One Month old!

Where does the time go?! I can't believe it has already been
a month since this handsome little boy joined our family. He is so
chill. He sleeps wonderfully at night. He is bright eyed during the
day. He big brother just loves him, and his Mommy loves to
snuggle with him. His Daddy wishes he could hold him and see
more of him than just by skype.
Here are Logans 'new born' pictures. My mom and I set up our
own little studio in her basement and if I do say so myself the
pictures turned out great.
I love my little family!

He is starting to kinda smile
It doesn't leave much to the imagination...

Handsome boy

My strong little army guy

Precious piggies

Drake and Logan's piggies

Big yawn!! (I am under the black velvet holding him on my lap)

High Five!