Friday, May 31, 2013

Bucket list

With Paula here we have been trying our best to give her a chance to see and do 
all the things she has dreamed about in American culture.  And of course
if you are in the US you need to go to prom.  Paula  was able to go with a 
big group of beautiful girls to enjoy the prom.  She looked absolutely gorgeous and 
She had a good time too.

Shinny(Korea), Paula(Sweden), and Femke(Holland)

Paula's biggest fans


I did a waterfall braid. It took us an evening of practice to get it right

The Gorgeous girls

In January Drake starting asking when it was time for baseball again. So I started
doing a little research and found out our local little league had tball, so we got him signed up
and he got to be on team with is good friend Brahm.  This season was much better then last
summer and Drake loved going to his games.  He was really fun to watch too. It's amazing
what one year can to for a kid.

Drake and Brahm

Look at that swing!

My baby is 1!  I know is say this alot but has it really only been one year?!  It seems like 
yesterday we were bringing him home from the hsp and now he's been part of your family 
for a whole year.  He is the smiliest happiest baby.  He loves to play peek a boo and snuggle.
He gets all excited when I come to get him out of his crib in the mornings and after
naps.  He loves to wave but only to his dad, we are slowly branching out, he has started waving
to Paula too.  He gives high fives and leans in for a kiss.  He is a great eater and an awesome sleeper.  He has been scooting/crawling since he was 5 months old and now he is starting to take baby steps. 
He loves to play with his brothers.  He can't get enough of being outside. Where ever we go the dirt tastes great and if there is water or a puddle he will be in the middle of it with a huge smile on his face.  He keeps us on our toes and we don't know what life would be like without his amazing spirit.  We love you Henry!

We had a caterpillar cupcake cake

You can almost hear him squealing with delight.

I think he had four cupcakes and yes he ate everything

Deb and Matt were in town to celebrate with us

Apparently we need the whole family to open presents

So back to the bucket list.  Paula has never seen the pacific ocean so we decided to make a 
quick trip to see the ocean and visit Seaworld. It was a bit of a overcast gloomy day but hey we were at the beach.  We buried Dan, played in the water, caught tiny crabs, searched for seashells, ate dinner on the pier and had a all around great day!

Heading to the beach

Paula and the Pacific Ocean

First time in the ocean

Drake loved playing in the water

Logan was doing his best to stay out of the water

Having a good time

Dan getting buried

Hank eating dirt and torturing Dan who couldn't fight back

On the pier on our way to dinner

Paula checking out the pier

Hank loved it!

Waiting for our table to be ready

Matt  and Deb

Paula was trying to get pictures of the boys, Logan was the only one willing to pose.

Great picture of Hank and Paula's hair


Heading out after dinner

IT was a great Mothers Day!
Since we didn't have the time to go to Disneyland we decided to go to SeaWorld. The boys thought touching the dolphins was pretty cool and watching Shamu was awesome even if we didn't get wet.
Drake absolutely loved the roller coasters and poor Logan wasn't tall enough and he was very upset about it. 
Luckily there was a kiddie area and Logan was loved it. After SeaWorld we were able to stop
by my mission Presidents and have a delicious dinner with Pres. and Sis. Baugh.  All in all it was a great weekend!
On our way in to the park

Dan, Drake, Paula and Matt on the first ride

Hank loved the sting rays

We got there during feeding time

Hank and Logan trying to find the Polar bear

Drake and the beluga

Did you know that Elmo and Cookie monster hangout at SeaWorld?

Drake graduated from Preschool! He had a great year with Ms Jackie and his
classmates.  Next year Kindergarten....

Drake and Ms Jackie

I'm a proud momma

My boys

A proud poppa
Ok so this was not on Paula's bucket list but it should have been.  With her birthday only days away we happened to be in St George and so we happened to stop in for some dinner.  We told them it was her birthday and she got to ride the saddle and get some free ice cream.  Lucky Girl!

Paula had an extra day off for memorial weekend so we headed to Zion to beat the crowds.

Emerald pool

Catching water drops


I like taking pictures of flowers

We saw a deer next to the path and Hank went crazy!

We found a caterpillar along the way

Paula saw Entrada where they filmed High School Musical 2