Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mother of 3

Well it's been seven weeks as a mother of three and really only 2 weeks left completely on our own.  So far, I must say, it hasn't been too bad.  We are slowly getting into a routine and it definitely helps that Hanks two big brothers are awesome helpers and love to hug and kiss their baby brother when ever possible or impossible for that matter (Drake likes a good challenge).  

Three weeks after Hank was born he got to be blessed by his daddy.  In celebration of the occasion we got to have lots of family come visit.  Dan's brothers Dave and Jim, his sister Deborah and her husband Matt, our nephew Josh, and Dan's parents all made the trip to meet Hank and support him.  My two sisters their families and my parents all drove down the morning of.  And all of my cousins here in Las Vegas came.  All in all there were about 50 people here for baby Hank.  It was so much fun to get everyone together and enjoy being one BIG family.
Sunday evening everybody headed home but Dan's parents.  They were taking a two week vacation with a long visit here and then a drive to Prescott Valley, AZ to visit family and another stop over here for a couple of days.  Drake was lucky enough to get to go to Arizona too and thankfully he was described as a gentleman and very well behaved.  The weekend he was gone happened to be Dan and I's 6th anniversary.  Dan got us tickets to go to Tuachan to see Aladdin (it was awesome). As soon as it was over he hit the road for SLC for his drill weekend and Logan, Hank, and I hung out at my parents. 

We had so much fun seeing so much family that it makes me think there needs to be another baby soon.  I'm voting for someone else to make that happen sooner.  As for my little family we are enjoying our newest wonderful addition.  He can sleep through vacuums and brothers fighting on top of him.  At night he sleeps in 5 hr increments allowing Mommy to enjoy night time.  He is starting to smile every now and then. He finds the world around him very fascinating and thought provoking(at least that's the impression I get from his facial expressions).  

We LOVE our Baby Hank!!
Taking a nap

Grandma Neville meeting Hank

Our little family

My parents, me and Hank


Grandpa and Grandma Drake

Grandma and Grandpa Neville

The Drake clan 

The Neville group

Father and son bonding

Logan saying YEE-HAW

Grandpa Neville loves to get the boys new toys

Drake and the boat

Grandpa teaching Logan how to work the remote to the boat