Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Poor Haley

Dear Haley,
I am so sorry for invaiding your house. I'm sorry you get stepped on. I'm sorry you get your hair pulled. I'm sorry you get chased with bats, rackets and arms. I'm sorry you get hit with golf, tennis, wiffle, soft, basket and foot balls. I'm sorry cars are driven all over and around you. I'm sorry you get sat on while you are sleeping. I'm sorry there are attempts to ride you when you are awake. I'm sorry you get feed things that make you throw up. But thank you for always returning these with kisses. You show the true meaning of 'turn the other cheek'.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just thinking

I was just sitting here thinking, for the past 8 weeks I have been staying with my parents. It has really been quite nice. We try to keep our mess in the basement and they keep theirs upstairs. Drake loves his Grandpa Drake and follows him around like a puppy dog, unless Grandpa is leaving in the car without Mommy. Rain or shine Drake is outside playing and he now needs an audience to watch him play. Most days I don't mind sitting in a chair watching his mind, hands and feet work. Drake is definitely almost 2. He has some of the best tantrums and usually when we are going into Walmart or the grocery store. Everyone likes to stare as Drake is screaming at the top of his lungs and trying to climb out of the cart. This is why I try to only shop at stores that have carts because you can imagine going to a clothing store and having a screaming child that lays on the floor and crawls away. Which wouldn't be so difficult if I wasn't caring a car seat. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Drake has been wonderful with Logan and he is very protective of his 'baby'. I love to watch him run over and give Logan a hug when he cries, and get in his face and say 'hello' over and over trying to get him to smile.
Logan is growing so fast. He recently had his 2 month appointment and now weights in at 12 lbs and is 23 3/4 long. I can't believe how much his has changed in just 9 short weeks. Dan won't recognize him when he gets back. Logan has also reached one of my favorite milestones, smiling. He has a wonderful smile that as of yet I have not captured on camera. In fact, until a couple of weeks ago I didn't know he has a dimple in his right cheek. Everyday my goal is to make him smile just to see that adorable dimple. Watch out girls; tall, dark and handsome is coming.
Dan is still loving his Army adventure. Although, he says now he is starting to miss us. Only 4 1/2 more weeks!!!! I can't wait. It has definitely been a challenge to only be able to talk to him on the phone or skype, but at least we get that. The worst is when Drake or Logan is crying and Dan can't hear me so we just have to sit and wait for the kids to chill and usually by that time there is something that needs to be done and we have to say goodnight. It hasn't been easy but it could be worse, so every night I thank God for my many blessings; two beautiful children, a great husband who is willing to take care of his family and serve his country, wonderful parents, and a great supporting cast of friends and family. Thank you!