Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's a Toy Story Thing

Drake has always loved the Toy Story movies and one if his earliest phrases was 'to infinity and beyond!!'  Logan now loves Toy Story so I thought it only fitting that they get to be Buzz and Woody for Halloween.  At first Drake was going to be Buzz but when he found out that Woody was going to be able to carry a gun he changed his mind.  Logan would have been happy to be whom ever cuz if he was Woody he would get a gun and a hat(he loves hats) and Buzz gets to fly around.  They were super CUTE!  Dan decided to dress up as in his cowboy get up and once he placed the hat on his head I made the comment that he looked like Elmer Fudd.  So we have Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, Elmer Fudd, and little old me. 

For trick or treated we headed to the Dellamas again to trick or treat with the cousins and dinner after.  I of course forgot my camera but Sarah took some pictures for us and we had a great time and got some awesome candy!! 

The cutest Buzz and Woody ever!!