Sunday, December 8, 2013


This year we signed Drake and Logan up for soccer it was a lot of fun to watch them play and even more fun to watch how much they improved from week 1- week 10.  I volunteered to coach Drakes soccer team so unfortunatly I didnt get game time pictures of his games but I did get his team picture.

We headed over to Gilcrease orchard again to pick our perfect pumpkins.  It was fun to watch the boys head out and search far and wide for their pumpkin.  They had a great time trying to decide what they wanted to carve into their pumpkins.  This year for Halloween we invited our friends the Halls over for some fun halloween food and then to go trick or treating.  All the kids had a great time and enjoyed most of their candy. 

My mom was in town so she got to come with us

Aren't we cute

Drake got to walk in his schools halloween parade

My cute Army man/ girl, bob the builder, eeyore, and a ninja

My costume + announcement...


I love that the enchange students don't sit around and wish to do something they make a plan and do it.  This year there were about 30 kids that decided to get together and all go to Homecoming.  It was fun to follow them around at the dinosaur park and take pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

We were trying to figure out some thing fun to do one day so we decided to head over to Redrock for some hiking and a picnic. We found a big rock to eat on and take some pictures and then we went on a hike while playing hide n go seek.  I think this might have been one of Dan's best ideas for helping the boys enjoy hiking.

We saw this guy with a buddy as we were leaving. Do all burrows have stripes on their legs or just wild ones?

I wanted to get some family pictures done for our Christmas Cards this year.  I had heard that Floyd Lamb park and Tulle springs was a pretty place so we packed a picnic got dressed up and headed out.  Since I'm kind of cheap and Dan bought me a nice camera and photoshop I decided we were going to take our own pictures.  Luckily Annie had some friends that wanted to come along to I posed everybody and they were there to snap the family pictures for us.

Cutest boys around

I get a girl picture!

He found a spider and was getting a close up view

Dad wanted pictures of boys in shorts with boots

This is called kick the dirt