Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Update

Here is a quick summer update.  For Fathers Day my Dad was staying with Sarah so we headed down there to hang out.  I can't remember the last time I was with my Dad on Fathers Day so it was fun to be able to eat and visit with he and my Mom.  We also had Sarah's father in law there.  We love Dale and always have a good time with he and Julie.  It's also nice because my kids either want Grandpa or to just play when we're at Sarah's so I get to kick back and relax.

Drake getting grandpa
Logan loves grandpa
The four Dads; Dan, Dale, Miah and Denny
It was also Sarah and Miahs anniversary that day 12 yrs


Camping with Grandpa Neville.  Dan's dad got a camp ground for a week up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The boys were so excited to go hang out and play outside all day.  They are your typical boys in the dirt, mud, water, trying to chop wood, finding bugs, chasing squirrels, and anything else that would get them dirty and wet.  We had a great time!  Drake got to stay one night with just he and Grandpa and he thought that was the best thing ever.  Dan, Logan and myself only stayed one night but we got to spend a couple of days hanging out.  We can't wait until  next year!

Grandpa chopping wood with the boys
Drake had a wipe out.  He leaned a little too hard on the trailer door and fell out on his head.
Dan and Logan enjoying the creek
Grandpa packed water guns with Drake could not leave alone
This little boy didn't want to take a nap so he decided to try to climb out of the pack n play
Aunt Deb with all the boys throwing rocks in the creek
Stephanie(Dan's older sister) and Bryan(Dan's dad)
David(Dan's twin)
Drake and Logan are shaking the tent their cousins Jason and Nick are in
Dirty faced little cheeser
Cute boy
Playin a little tether ball