Monday, March 3, 2014


Our trip to Disneyland finally happened. The boys and Annie were so excited that immediately after Christmas was over we began our official Disneyland countdown. We knew the week away would be great when the van got a screw in the tire....Dan hopped out with the enthusiasm of the dad in "A Christmas Story" to set a personal speed record of how quick he could change the tire. He did GREAT! the boys hopped out and climbed a dirt hill in the desert and started flinging rocks with all of their pent up energy. Annie, in what would be her major 'chore' for the week, held Henry as he smiled and waved at everything that moved. Darci smiled and took pictures. After the spare tire was on and we stopped in the next town to get a full size put on we continued our journey, minus one of Annie's beloved Toms shoes. Dan had put them on top of the van during the tire change because the spare tire was under her seat. Miles down the road Drake began giggling that one of Annie's shoes was on the roof of the van above his skylight. Sure enough, Dan left them on top and after pulling over with the hope the other shoe would be there we again were reminded of how great a week we were in for as we all laughed. two mishaps, a bunch of laughs and smiles later, and we were still a few hours from our destination. we smiled non stop the entire week. it was a blessed vacation.

Our first day we headed to Huntington Beach it was a little chilly so we didn't put the boys in their swimsuits, bad idea.  At first the boys were happy to play in the sand but little by little they were making their way to the water until eventually after being buried in the sand they ditched their dirty clothes and headed for the water. It was a lot of fun and everyone had fun.

The next day we made our way to California Adventure.  We had to get there early so we could ride on all the new rides in Cars land especially the Radiator Springs Racers.  It was a bit of a wait for Hank and I but when the others got off it was worth the wait to hear Drake and Logan tell me all about it!  Because we were there in January there were no lines.  We basically walked on to every ride.  I think we did actually have to wait 30 min for Toy Story Mania but for those who have been there in the summer months that is nothing.  The kids were so excited to ride everything!  

The third day we went to DISNEYLAND!  I'm not really sure who was more excited Annie or the boys. And I'm not sure who was more fun to watch be so excited Annie or the boys. Hank LOVED to see all the characters and was the first one to run up and give them hugs.  Drake struggled waiting for all of us to keep up with him and Logan just wanted to go on everything.  Since I was about 6 months prego I was content to sit back and enjoy watching everyone else's smiling faces.  I loved taking the boys on Dumbo and Buzz's Astro Blasters.  It was awesome!

Our final day we park hopped we did a little in Disneyland and a little in California adventure.  We were able to reride most of our favorite rides more than once.  When it was time to leave Drake asked me if we got locked in Disneyland would we be able to stay another day.  Oh Drake, I too wished we could have stayed an extra day and played but alas our 'real' lives were awaiting us.  

It's always sad to leave but while we are there it truly is the Happiest Place on Earth!!
You're the man!

Checking out all the rocks

Beach time!

The Hank monster is going to get the birds

Logan loved running from the waves

Can we just leave them here?

Good times

Hey Ocean, here we come!

Waiting in line for Radiator Springs Racers

Tractor tippin's fun!

It's a bugs life


Front row for the parade



Enjoying the morning show

He's so excited

Photo bombed!

(she thinks it's a real castle)

Hank giving Annie kisses

I didn't know he could drive!

He's cute but defiantly too young to drive.

Dan's favorite

We are loving it

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

Waiting for the train


Killing time while everyone else is on the Toon Town roller coaster for like the 6th time

Who better to wait with than Goofy

This was a 2 hr wait to see the characters of Frozen.  We settled for a picture of Olaf

Waiting for the big kids to get off Bear Mtn Rapids

Annie looks a little wet

Hank's an airplane

Unfortunately I don't have a maternity Swedish shirt