Thursday, June 25, 2009

Class of '99

On June 20th the Snow Canyon High School Class of '99 got together to CELEBRATE our 10 year reunion. It was kind of CRAZY planning it. My friends Tami and Jana were put in charge of putting the party together and they did GREAT!! We started planning back in Feb and the committee members had great IDEAS that we were able to implement to make it PERFECT.

We STARTED the day at 7:30am there was a 5k which Dan participated in. He didn't win but it made him REALIZE that for a man that has run the SG marathon 3 times he was very out of shape. We OFFICIALLY started the events at 8:30am with breakfast. We also had rented a couple of blow up TOYS for the kids. There was also a TRAIN that was pulled by a golf cart to keep kids busy. It was so much FUN to be able to see old friends and of course their kids, if they had any. The breakfast fun lasted for several hours and it seemed like everyone had a blast. Unfortunately I FORGOT my camera for the morning stuff, but I did REMEMBER it for dinner.

That night we were able to use the ELECTRIC THEATER as our dinner spot. Those on the committee headed over at 4:30pm to put the FINISHING touches on decorations and set up. People began arriving about 5:30pm and the MINGLING began. Lisa Shaw catered for us it was WONDERFUL food. Dinner was served at 7:00 pm. There were a couple of different salads, bread sticks, and 4 types of pasta, DELICIOUS. As we were finishing up dinner our fun PROGRAM started. Brad Glauser was our MC and Caitlin Cleminson was his Vanna. We played a Class of '99 JEOPARDY. It was a fun to learn so much about CLASSMATES and where they are in life. The most ENTERTAINING part of the show was Mike Horton's video that was just...well it was Mike. Also, a part of the slide show had a movie from the last day of 9th GRADE. Talk about a BLAST from the past.

We have only heard AWESOME things from those that attended, that they really enjoyed the reunion. Tami and Jana and all those on the committee did a GREAT job of bringing everything together. THANKS for all your hard work. Here are a few pictures from the evening event.

The Electric Theater all prettyed up

Marissa and Jana putting the finishing touches on

Bonnie (Stewart) Foley and Michael

Nichole (Prisbrey) Arehart and Trevor

Jocey (Anderson) Hobson and Ben

Brooke (Smith) Jensen and Chad

Dani (Shaheen) Jensen and Wade

Tami the lady of the night

The view from the balcany
Tommi (Reid), Joanie Steele, Jana (Bundy) Homer, Marissa (Sevy) Thompson

Marissa, Jocey, Me, Tiffany (Brennan) McDonald, Brooke, Julie (Patchett), Natalie (Brown), Natalie (Comer)

Caitlin Clemenson, Marissa, Jocey, Me, Tiffany, Jana, Julie, Natalie, Tami, Natalie, Lacy (Aldridge) Salazar, Brooke