Sunday, August 17, 2008

As you can tell, Drake LOVES baseball games.


We went to another Bees baseball game last night with some friends. It was mini bat givaway night and Drake was begging us to get there early so he could have one. When he got his bat he said thank you and erupted into a smile that was measured at a mile wide.

the blooper of the night was made by Dan. He brings his mitt religiously and vows to catch a homerun ball every game. he has caught a few but tonights would be memorable. A laser was hit and Dan jumped up and excitedly ran forward a few steps. When he noticed the ball was coming a bit further than he originally thought he tried to stop and begin his backtrack. He slipped on the grass, his feet flew in the air, and when the ball landed where he was originally sitting before his escapades began he dejectedly lied on the ground pouting. Someday he will grow up. For now, he gives us additional entertainment and we are happy for that.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cute Boy

What up

I like ponies

Here are some more pictures of our Cute Drake. He was playing with Dans hat and he looked so adorable heres the picture of that. After we went shooting we went over to some friends house for a birthday party. They had a rocking horse and Drake was having a good time sitting on it. Everyday he gets more cute.


Today we accompanied a few young women and adults out to the west desert and shot some guns. We have a police officer in our ward and he enjoys collecting guns. Here are a couple of videos of Dan and I shooting a 50 caliber. That thing had a kick and wow was is loud. I was sitting in the car with Drake when the gun was shot and it almost felt like some one had shot the car. I was told later that this gun could pierce a tank three miles away, and the ammunition is $5 a bullet. The gun kicked up so much dirt when it went off that had no idea if I came close to the target. Needless to say it was fun.
Drake with his ear plugs in

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pioneer Day

Drake focused on the fireworks

Drake is his fathers son

Jake, Kade and Mason. Heidi and I

Miah, Sarah, and Sami

On the 24th Sarah invited us to come down and go to an Orem Owlz baseball game. Dan got off work and we headed down to Orem. We got there a little late but still had plenty of game left to watch. Drake enjoyed himself and found it really entertaining to watch Jake, Kade, Mason, and Sami running around having a good time. This was also Drake's first experience with big fireworks and he couldn't take his eyes of them. It was lots of fun.