Sunday, October 12, 2014

School Starts

Well we made it to Santa Clara and have been loving it!  We have really been enjoying my Moms beautiful backyard.  We have discovered bugs, frogs, spiders, Praying Mantis's and our imaginations all over again.  Drake started 1st grade at Santa Clara Elementary and is spending half a day learning Chinese.  It is awesome hearing him walk around the house singing in Chinese.  He loves riding his bike to school.  Logan started Preschool four days a week and is really enjoying his class. His favorite part is centers, where they get to go to different activities around the room.  Hank and Colt get to hang with Mom and go shopping or just relaxing.  Dan is really loving working at LDS family Services and the Provo Veterans Center doing therapy.  

There have been some super amazing rain storms too.  The boys get all excited when it rains and head out to play in rain.  They have been in heaven.  We were able to get Drake signed up to do the Mutton busting in the Dixie Round up.  He did AWESOME! He scored a 79 and got a trophy.  He was so excited and Logan can't wait until next year when he is old enough to sign up.

I also decided after years of ignoring and trying to NOT have another surgery to go see the doctor about my beautiful knee.  I knew there was something floating around but was not prepared for them to say I needed my ACL done again after stretching the other one out so much it was pointless.  Thankfully I have been blessed with a high pain tolerance and a quick healing body.  It has been six weeks since surgery and I am done with my physical therapy appointments.  They therapist was very impressed with how well I did as was I.  It's a little different 18 yrs since the first time.  My body's not what it once was.  Anyway I'm excited for the next few months to get the strength back and get back to playing ball in january. 

We love Praying Mantis's

First day of 1st grade

First day of Preschool

Cute boy enjoying the rain

Heidi and the only proof of my knee

Dan, Logan and Hank making the most of a rainy day

Dan, Drake and Colt at the rodeo

Logan, Hank and me

Look at that boy!

My rodeo loving boys

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Emily Watterson said...

Its hard to believe how much has happened since we last saw you. We are trying to find a time to come down for a visit.