Sunday, October 12, 2014

We'll miss you Annie

Unfortunately the time came what we had to say goodbye to our wonderful Annie Gail.  The boys were so sad to see her go. Hank still looks for his Annie to come home to give hugs to.  We are so very grateful for Skype so we can still see her and talk to her.  She was a wonderful blessing to have in our home.  She showed our boys what it means to be a true friend.  They loved to meet her when she walk in the door.  She allowed hide and seek to happen under her bed.  She was wonderful at letting the boys bother her while she was trying to do homework.  She was always willing to watch the boys so Dan and I could get away for a few hours.  We wish her well with the all the great things she has in her future and can't wait for the day we get to go visit her in Sweden.
Annie and Tova 

Annie fell in love with the neon lights of Vegas
Disney movie night and snuggling

She was the favorite story reader for all the kids in the neighborhood
Hank loves his Annie
The Day we had to say goodbye.  Not a happy day at the Neville house

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